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Tue, 15 Sep 2015 Source: Kwasi Ansu-Kyeremeh

The beauty of this world is the availability of news and information on, and about whatever else is happening wherever for whoever cares to draw on the good for self-improvement while guided from falling by the bad.

Such may be the experience from names across the world in the news recently.

Lula da Silva, Mahatir Mohammed and Muhammadu Buhari have reverberated the past week. And there are tons of lessons from these names. Each is defending or setting example for good works.

For those in the motherland who want to lead but only on their terms, there are lessons. For those who are leading, there could be lessons.

The greedy wicked into-our-pockets.com type of the congress homo sapien stock, though, cares not about anything unless it is money for their pockets.

They just divert the motherland’s money into their pockets so I will continue to speak their wicked thieving ways.

But for now, the attention is on those who think for their selfish egos this motherland should continue to suffer the wrath of an incompetent and misguided congress leadership.

There is nothing in this human world like a corruption-free government; with every person in-charge or working in a government being totally and absolutely corruption free.

What matters is the extent of the corruption. ?sono and congress are living examples.

A judgment debt man said ?sono chopped $3.5 million. He skirted it; but we all know congress chopped $750 million 2009-2011.

We know the achievements that came along with those degrees of corruption.

?sono with NHIS, MMT, LEAP, NYEP capitation grant, school feeding, and gang-of-four- roads constructed close to completion.

Congress chose to chop everything. No completed gang of four roads; every social intervention programme messed up (SADA, SUBA, GYEEDA) including loans contracted as yoke for future generations. It has been corruption of humongous magnitude. Yet there is none among them who cares about being corrupt and being absolutely corrupt.

I see no rational explanation for some moronic character who wants to vote out a rotten government of the congress type writing to a motherland policing system firmly under the control of that corrupt congress system hoping that that outfit will act in support of that opposition which is after the congress power.

It’s cut nose to spite face. Congress will rather stoke the fire and degrade any Osono anti-corruption perception with a naïve move like that.

The politically savvy with enough good memory will remember how the naivete-led PNP infighting contributed to the removal of the Limann administration.

The politically uninitiated, dreaming and fantasizing a zero-corrupt government, sought to cure corruption in court. It is unbelievable they knew not, as was later confirmed that far more corrupt military adventurers would overthrow that government and plunder the resources of the motherland, ruining her for the next 19 and a half years.

Let that Osono naivety element learn and know that like me, except the Article 70 and other elements of the congress stealing train, all of us being paid from the motherland’s coffers are receiving a quarter of what is due us. In spite of the tax, tax, toll, toll picking of our pockets by the congress government, their manipulation of the cedi, pushing it down the drain, has reduced our salaries to a quarter of their worth.

By these acts, my compatriots are feeling hardships they never contemplated in 2008 and 2012. My sense is that devalued salaries alone could push compatriots to change a corrupt government in 2016 no matter how hard the party wrecking elements in the ?sono group work to destroy the party’s election chances.

They should seriously consider that probability and mend their ways by pulling back from the sabotaging ways, before it is too late. They can persist and try. If they fail, they should not blame anyone for a scattered 2020 agenda.

Political parties such as the ?sono type with independent self-made ?denehos succeed with coordinators and facilitators.

They struggle and crumble with ‘I am the CEO’ mentality. If the leader is perceived as not listening, you cure that with persistent internal persuasion. But you give a leader room to succeed or fail. You don’t go sabotaging because you lack persuasive acumen. When the leader fails, you fail. If you are so much afraid he will drag you into failure, you quit; because you cannot be bigger than the leader.

Any serious political power seeker should know that any ‘I do you I dare you to do me’ circus may not necessarily destroy 2016 chances but will definitely not leave any chance for a 2020 agenda.

If ?sono persists not to heed anyone’s advice to cool it, the group can continue to work itself into a political oblivion.

Anyone who believes in seeking future victory by self-destructing now must be day-dreaming.

Columnist: Kwasi Ansu-Kyeremeh