Facts twisting in the recent attacks in Bimbilla

Bimbilla Clash8 Clashes in Bimbilla have resulted in the loss of properties and residents fleeing from homes

Mon, 22 Jan 2018 Source: Salifu Mufteen

Bimbilla has witnessed series of violent confrontations for more than a decade now. Many residents have been traumatized for losing a relative or property. The town welcomed 2018 with bloodsheds. Three people lost their lives and eight suffered various degrees of injuries when assailants attacked selected sitting places in Bimbilla. Three of those who sought treatment at the Tamale Teaching Hospital also couldn’t pull through bringing the number of fatalities to six. All the victims were known supporters of the late Naa Salifu Dawuni.

Interestingly, we chose to remain silent and to respect calls from our elders to remain calm whilst the security conduct their investigations. Unfortunately, we observe with shock the grand machinations led by the M.C.E Mr. Abdulai Yaquob to link the January 11 attack to the killing of the pregnant woman in December and to declare that the woman was killed by supporters of Na Salifu Dawuni. These lies are engineered by the M.C.E to tell the world that the January attack was in response to the killing of the woman. This is not what is described as reprisal attacks. It is criminal and we expect authority to see it as so.

The death of the pregnant woman is not mystery. The police command told Ghanaians “He [Suspect] is an unidentified person. We have not made any arrest, but we picked up AK47 and other ammunition from the house. The issue is still under investigation”, ASP Ebenezer Kusi.

The security officers took AK47, found ammunition and the serial numbers of the used barrel matched with the one they found. Sadly, the M.C.E quickly arranged for the AK47 to be returned to its owner. The investigative report submitted by the security from an anonymous source concluded that the pregnant woman was shot with the same AK47 found in her house.

I challenge the M.C.E and DISEC to publish the findings of the investigation. I challenge the good people of Bimbilla to demand this from the M.C.E and DISEC.

I personally thought the M.C.E was ready to unite the factions, but I am convinced his presence is a threat to the peace that we continue to search for. His bias and entrenched position will push Bimbilla to the gutters.

The truth is that, on 12th December, 2017 the sound of gun shots was heard in Bimbilla in the evening. However, it was later found that the shots were not gun exchange. It came from ammunition that caught fire. There was a boy in the woman’s house who allegedly picked the AK47 when he heard the sound outside. Unfortunately, the gun went off and led to the death of the woman and injured her daughter.

Whilst we wait for the investigative report, I equally call on those who demonstrated and journalist who reported as a show of solidarity to the murdered pregnant woman to do same in this situation. The call for justice must not be selective. Every life is precious.

Let us continue to exercise restraint and monitor every development. We came from God and onto Him is our return. Allah loves those who are patient.

Columnist: Salifu Mufteen