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Mon, 6 Apr 2020 Source: James Quansah

One major problem facing Christianity today is the way most Christians fake things without shame.

Many pastors fake the call to ministry, training, fervent prayers, fasting, anointing, tongue speaking, miracles, messages and preaching, giving and prosperity.

And many church members fake repentance, confession of the Lordship of Christ, salvation, tongue speaking, prayers, fasting, giving etc.

This is why sin is rife in our churches, we can’t seriously do personal evangelism, real Holy Spirit power is absent in our church meetings and personal lives, there seems to be no attitudinal difference between believers and unbelievers, we are unable to influence society positively and we are unprepared for Christ’s coming etc.

The problem is, we FAKE and ACT almost everything. But we will learn in the end that we deceived ourselves. God is not mocked!

What shall we do now? The wise, humble God-fearing won’t argue, but repent now.

Columnist: James Quansah