Fallout from # 12: Are we all like Nyantakyi?

Fri, 8 Jun 2018 Source: Yaw Asamoah Akowuah

Almost everyone is bashing Mr Kwesi Nyantakyi, the GFA Chairman, for the revelations made by ace investigative journalist, Anas Aremeyaw Anas on activities of Nyantakyi and some officials managing football in this country. Mr Nyantakyi has brought so much shame and reproach to his family.

Many people have expressed so much disappointment and disgust at what they saw. Many people have even called for the resignation of Mr Nyantakyi. All these notwithstanding, let us not throw up our hands in despair. There are very faithful people in the country. Trust me, there are. Even in the video, we have some of the officials who refused to take money from Anas. We may describe them as faithful.

Sadly, there are many people who would have been caught on tape just like Nyantakyi if they had been approached by Anas. I am very sure many of such people were in the auditorium during the premiering of the video.

Maybe you will not take bribe, but if you ask a young lady or guy who needs one form of assistance or the other to sleep with you before you help, you are just like Nyantakyi.

If you employ your family members, friends and old school mates over other qualified candidates, you are like Nyantakyi.

If you receive a call while in Takoradi and you tell your boss you are in Kumasi when your kids, especially, are listening to you, you are like Nyantakyi.

If you are always pushing money into files, under counters to get things sorted out for you instead of going through the normal or approved process, you are like Nyantakyi.

If you manipulate church members with vision, prophecies and other sweet words, just so they "bless" you with gifts of all kind, you are like Nyantakyi.

If you cheat in an examination room as a student or assist a student to cheat as an invigilator, you are like Nyantakyi.

If you scheme you way to the top, backbiting and blackmailing people, you are like Nyantakyi.

If you have a child, and you shirk your responsibilities as a parent, you are like Nyantakyi.

If you promise to a lady marriage or accept a proposal from a guy knowing very well that you have no intention of settling down with him or her but only interested in spending his money and sleeping with her, you are like Nyantakyi.

If you are a pastor and you always claim "you have seen, yet, you haven't seen anything", you are like Nyantakyi.

I can go on and on. What most of us saw yesterday is a reflection of who the majority of us really are in our closet. If God should expose us, the whole world will know Kwesi Nyantakyi is a small boy in corruption.

As we all ponder over what we may have seen or heard, let us pause and reflect on our individual lives. Let us be sincere with ourselves. Let us ask ourselves very important questions. Let us ask God for mercy!

Today, it is Kwesi Nyantakyi. We all need to be circumspect in our daily dealings with each other and let us live our lives to please God so that we don't find ourselves in such a sorry state tomorrow.

My prayers are with Mr Nyantakyi. I hope he repents and puts his life in order. He still has a lot to offer society.

Columnist: Yaw Asamoah Akowuah
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