Fasting & wearing of hijab in missionary schools is a privilege not a right

Hijab Students Some students wearing the hijab in school

Fri, 7 May 2021 Source: Kojo Matasa Blay

Wesley Girls Senior High School like any other Mission school is the extension of the church (METHODIST)to propagate and indoctrinate in the students who attend such schools the ideology, values and principles of the church, so why to carry our Muslim children to such a school seeking for special Islamic right, this unacceptable, what is Wrong is Wrong.

In some missionary Schools where Muslim students are allowed to practice their religion, it is ONLY a Privilege and Not a Right, let get this clear and stop the unfounded and needless hallucinations, and where they are denied it also doesn't constitute AND NOT A RIGHT AND a crime as some Muslims want to put it, We must desist from making issues out of nothing.

Again where they are denied too doesn't warrant any Muslim to come shouting for undeserving Public attention because it will certainly not score that cheap propaganda which will only create a needles unhealthy religious atmosphere. Christians are forced to wear Hijab and observed all Islam teachings and Gathering at ISLAMIC LEBANON SHS at Circle and other Islamic Schools nationwide, so where from these needless agitations??.

Even within the Islamic School setups, A TIJANI student is not allowed to practice Wudi or Yilala in an Al Sunna School, neither will an Ahmaddiya students be allowed to observe their teachings and principles in other Islamic school because it does not conform to their teachings, so why are some people trying so hard to seek Islamic rights in a Wesleyan School, it just doesnt make sense one bit.

Let me share my experience with you, as a students activist and former Public Relations Officer for National Union of Ghana Students, NUGS i attended an event at the Islamic University College, Adjiringanor and upon arrival i was directed to the Auditorium and whiles i was about to enter i was informed to remove my footwear before i could be allowed entry because the facility also doubles as mosque sometimes when the need arises, i explained to the man that i wasnt a Muslim and that i was only representing my organisation, he still insisted its either i do as he says or will be denied entry, alas i had to do so to secure my entry even though it was against my belief, some government who attended the event too were compelled to do same even though they were not muslims, but complied, why is it always an issue for some of our muslim brothers and sisters to respect the Principles in the Christian setups.

In as much as Ghana is a Circular state where everyone is free to practice his or her religion, Nowhere is it enshrined in the1992 constitution that MUSLIMS should carry mats to Methodist, Latter-Day Saints, Deeper Life, Pentecost Church OR Catholic Church to observe daily or Friday prayers and Vice versa.

It is about time we move away from the endless construction of Masalachi and begin to invest heavily in the construction and operation of world class Islamic School that can compete with the likes of Archbishop Porter Girls, Achimota Shs, Presbyterian Boys Shs, St John's Boys, Wesley Girls, St Roses, Aburi Girls, St Mary's Boys, Pope John's, Adisadel College etc so that when the other religious setup bring their wards to these schools you also compel them to wear the Hijab and recite Fatiha.

Now let me ask this question, when was the last time you heard or saw the President, government machinery, Members of Parliament, Metropolitan, Municipal and District Chief Executives, Ministers of State, Heads of Missions and Civil Society Organisations donated Sheep, goats, Cattle, bags of sugar, Rice, assorted drinks to churches during Easter or Christmas like they do for Muslims in all their festive occasions.

It is about setting your priorities right and ensuring that you put much premium on Scale of preference in your operations.

I humbly request the intervention of His Holiness Sheikh Nuhu Shaributu, the National Chief Imam of Ghana, one personality whom i respect and adore so much to as a matter of urgency call to order those muslims beating war drums over nothing, Ghana has gone past that stage and they must get that clear. they should rather emulate the Cordial relationship between Archbishop Palmer-Buckle and the Chief Imam and understand that no matter how long you wait for the Ayalolo bus at Achimota Neoplan station, it wouldn't secure you a seat on Egypt Air.

Allah bless us all

The writer is an Investigative Journalist and PR consultant.


Columnist: Kojo Matasa Blay