The Demise of Kumawumanhene

Thu, 19 Jul 2007 Source: Adofo, Rockson

The Demise of Kumawumanhene Obarima Nana Asumadu Sakyi II, and the Selection of His Successor.

An observance of a minute silence is required of all readers in paying our last respect to Obarima Nana Asumadu Sakyi II, in conformity with traditional protocol, regardless of one's personal opinions.

The mighty tree could not withstand the mistral but had to succumb, tumbling heavily like any other in consonant with its purposeful destructive hypothermic ferocity. It is a shame that an exuberant life be cut so short at a time one least expects. However, God knows best and works within his own stipulations, off the limits of human interrogation and or comprehension. Though difficult as the absorbability of the situation is to the human mind, every mishap is asked to be counted a blessing by God the Almighty Father. Therefore, the death of the Omanhene of Kumawu traditional area, Nana Asumadu Saky II, is to be considered the usual calling of people to rest by God, though, painful to his earthly subjects, families, relatives and all within the Kumawu traditional area.

Nana, in spite of his many missed opportunities to make up to the people after the initial fracas causing animosities, divisions and then bringing about factionalism within his subjects, in which case it is the entire Kumawuman, can proudly be remembered for one great feat. Thus, he resisted all odds and fought for the recovery of most of the lost Kumawuman stool lands though; they ended up benefiting just a handful of people among who was one uninformed lanky Mr. Kwabena Dapaah, a swindler of unimaginable degree.

Obarima Nana Asumadu Sakyi II would have been not only a great King but also, much better admired had it not been for the minor chiefs who surrounded and ill-advised him in the hope of satisfying their individual selfish desires. Nana was noted for his smiles even at provocation.

However, he let the people down as his thirty four year reign brought not a single structure of development to Kumawuman apart from the stool lands he reconquered from their usurpers, as opined most of his subjects.

This is not the time for retribution. To gloat over the demise of a fellow being let alone one's leader, who has embarked on the ineluctable journey of no return to his Creator, the requirement of any living creature is preposterously sickening. Therefore I entreat all and sundry to clad in mourning gear if possible, to mourn our departed King irrespective of how he was perceived variously by each individual.

Kumawuman should arise above petty squabbles to unite in choosing a successor who will be the embodiment of unity to bring about peace and oneness, creating an environment conducive for local development. If need be, we should break with tradition in the nomination and selection of the next King of the once powerful Kumawuman which has lost its eminence with the passage of time, due to having non visionary but contemptuous leaders at the helm of its affairs.

I believe it is now the turn of the royals from ANANANGYA to ascend or occupy the Kumawu Tweneboa Koduah throne. These royals have been sidelined for far too long though; history has it that they had always been or made the best Kings with the welfare of the subjects of their domain at heart.

Those royals from ANKAASE have monopolised the kingship for unreasonably far too long in what is now a modern democratic Ghana, though I reserve my comments about the Ghanaian democracy.

No more imposition of Kings on us by one super rich person always deciding for all Kumawuman citizens, despite the despicability of their choice. No more underhand dealings where queens and sub-chiefs or the kingmakers take bribes from the highest bidder to select him for king. We will vehemently resist any such silly ploy and I promise to personally use the electronic and print media to expose and battle such unscrupulous individual or individuals. We are sick and tired of the perpetration of nonsense in Ghana and in the wider black community to the point of always demeaning us as any human force to reckon with because of the unconventional ways resorted to when dealing with issues.

May the soul of Obarima Nana Asumadu Sakyi II find peace and place in God the Maker of Heaven and Earth, and may Kumawuman wake up to select a successor who will live up to their expectations. AMEN.

Rockson Adofo (London)

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Columnist: Adofo, Rockson