Visit of John Mahama to the North-East Region and matters arising

Mahama's Tour New Mahama tours North-East Region ahead of election 2020

Mon, 2 Sep 2019 Source: Sulley Sambian

On the 29th and 30th August 2019, former president now presidential candidate of the NDC, John Dramani Mahama started his tour of the North-East Region to canvass support ahead of the 2020 elections.

Following this visit, issues have arisen which require urgent rebuttals. These issues revolve around the banking crises, nurses stage managed to call for John Mahama's coming back and promises made by the presidential candidate of the NDC.


The NDC typically blamed the NPP for revocation of licenses issued to financial institutions. They posited the NPP has caused job losses as a result of the revocations.

It is worthy of note that after John Agyekum Kufuor managed to put in place a robust financial sector, these gains were painfully eroded by the NDC under the watch of Mr. Mahama.

First of all, and this point needs underscoring; the banking crises started under your very watch. The Economic Prophet, Dr. Bawumia warned of the impending doom but you pretentiously ignored. At that time, he said 8 banks were at the verge of collapse.

Nothing was done about the situation. The NDC demonstrated an unchecked appetite for granting licenses to financial institutions who did not meet the criteria; failing generally to supervise the activities of these financial institutions led to where we are today.

Of course the NDC has always toyed with issues of governance and so it did not surprise anyone when John Mahama failed to take action. In any case how could he have taken action when his government was responsible for the mess in the first place?

Clearly they are unperturbed about the depositors, who since 2015 have not been able to access their money! What is of interest to the NDC is to engage in populist rhetoric about how jobs are being lost as a result of a mess they superintended over!

Job creation is at the heart of the NPP's agenda. Otherwise why would the same government create 100,000 jobs through NABCO?

Why will the same government embark on planting for food and jobs by overly subsidizing Fertilizers?

Why will the government embark on facilitating the establishment of factories all over the country?

Why will it engage in putting in place a robust rail sector? Undoubtedly, 14

billion cedis is required to fix the financial sector mess caused by the NDC.

You can imagine what that quantum of money could have done in terms of infrastructure. The NDC decided as a matter of choice not to deal with this mess, yet they have the effrontery to accuse the Nana Addo government for taking this painfully necessary step.


The NDC is all over the place promising nursing students that their second coming will be good for them. When he got the opportunity he abolished nursing trainee allowance. He is on record to have said he would rather lose the 2016 elections than to restore the allowance.

How in the name of the devil, the NDC would stage manage nurses clamoring for John Mahama's coming back and apologizing for not supporting him in the 2016 elections beats one’s mind. In any event, what is there to miss about John Mahama and his NDC?

Is it the create, loot and share?

Is it the cancelation of teachers’ allowance?

Is it the cancelation of nurses training allowance?

Is it the numerous scandals and malfeasance in governance?

Only persons with warped logic would understand how nurses who are better off under this regime would request for the return of JM who said he would prefer to lose the 2016 elections than restore nurses and teacher trainees’ allowances.

It is sad how desperation for power can lead the NDC into making promises of fixing the economy. At least the record is there for Ghanaians to make an informed judgment.

Was it not the same NDC that run to the IMF for a bail out? And was it not the NPP that took us out of the IMF? The NDC as an alternative is simply scary.

The economy of Ghana under the management of the NPP is far better than the incompetent NDC. The NPP since assumption of office in January 2017 has embarked on several developmental projects in the North East Region. We will outline just a few in each of the constituencies in the region:


1. Establishment of Community day Senior High School in Janga

2. Construction of Wungu CHPS Compound with a fence wall and mechanize borehole

3. Electricity extended to Mimima, Sa’adugu, Fio and Sakore.

4. Two classroom block, Office, Store, Library and Play Yard and KG Block in Tampulungu

5. Construction of sports complex in Walewale town.

6. Distribution of seven hundred (700) dual desk to schools across the Municipality


1. Construction of roads in Gambaga & Nalerigu Township

2. Dormitory block with ancillary facility in Gambaga Girls Senior High School

3. Construction of Langbinsi Senior High School

4. Construction of Sakogu Senior High School

5. Construction of community center in Nalerigu


1. Construction of a 3 unit classroom block at Goriba.

2. Constructed Teachers quarters at Sakpaba

3. Constructed Teachers quarters at Kikaayiri

4. Construction of a Health center at Zanwara

5. Constructed 10 seater capacity toilet facility with mechanized borehole at Yizesi, Yagaba, and Loagri


1. 120 bed capacity constructed for Nakpanduri SHS

2. 3-unit classroom blocks under construction for Nanik, Jillik, Nanyiar and Nagboar

3. 1 Village 1 Dam currently under construction in the following communities: Tisuk,Kinkagu,Kauk and Binkura

4. 23 communities under electrification


1. 6-unit classroom block at Nansuan

2. 3-unit classroom block at Mangold.

3. 138 dual desks provided 4. Nurses quarters renovated at Yunyoo 5. Maternity home renovated & furnished with delivery beds at Nansuan


1. Completed Borehole projects in the following communities: Kudani, Kpani , Yorgu, Naturi, Tinchangu, Tiekasu, Ilma, Wonjug and Kajeteili Primary Schools.

2. Expansion of small water system in Chereponi township with a complex office

3. 7-unit classroom block at Chereponi Senior High

4. 500 dual desk supplied district wide.

5. Provision of hand washing stations to (16) institutions

Four more years for Nana Addo and Dr. Bawumia can only place Ghana on a solid foundation for the country's prosperity.

Columnist: Sulley Sambian