Fella Makafui has been deeply roasted but let’s wallow in our deplorable schadenfreude with care

Fella Makafui00 Fella Makafui

Tue, 19 Jun 2018 Source: Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri

I am not a fan of anything or anybody resembling a slay queen—for such individuals are quintessential contemporary bimbos, causing needless headaches with their social media activities on the back of pretence.

A few years ago, a friend, Kiki Banson called me one late night to help in the redemption of the image of a young rising actress, whom I later got to know as Fella Makafui.

It was being claimed at the time that, Fella and musician Tinny had fallen out and as a result, a risqué music video which portrays Fella as almost a cheap slut had been released despite Tinny promising the young girl that the video wouldn’t see the light of day when it was shot.

It was a case of friendship gone sour, followed by a betrayal that was capable of painting an undesirable image of a young girl who was looking to find her feet in a saturated entertainment industry—at least that’s how I saw it then.

So, Kiki Banso passed on Fella Makafui’s phone number to me and said I should call her. She was waiting for my call—so I did. The conversation was calm, she sounded genuine and somewhat innocent. She almost cried, claiming that the racy music video was a blatant attempt to dilute her emerging decent brand.

Even if I didn’t believe her, she deserved a chance to tell the world her story.

She told me she was looking to build a formidable decent brand, one which would inspire young women and bring them to understand that, without sex and its accompanying shenanigans, one can still achieve success in the Ghanaian Entertainment Industry.

Her vision was persuasive: basically, she stood for what we’ve all been asking for but lacks in our industry that can be confused for an abandoned brothel even when gazed from within.

I agreed to write a piece on Fella Makafui and Tinny’s brouhaha, titled, ‘Betrayed and Exploited By Tinny: YOLO Actress-Fella Makafui Livid About Tinny’s Release of An Old Raunchy Music Video in Which She Goes Topless’, strongly siding with Fella against the actions of Tinny. She was appreciative, for the fact that I came to her corner and supported her with an article that was read by thousands of people.

Unfortunately, when I heard about Fella in the news a few months after, she was a different person. It was as if she was a chameleon. She had changed to represent everything she told me she detested in the industry. She was leading the race to ‘Slay Kingdom’ on social media—and was constantly and deliberately putting her ass on full display, for the blogs to drool over her butt, with different headlines.

What changed, I asked myself. But I couldn’t be bothered—concluding that she has been bitten by the same disgraceful industry zombies, and she has been turned into one of the many ‘ashawobrities’. She was portraying herself as a desperate girl, living lavishly and thanking God for her baffling riches on social media, all for likes and attention.

What she didn’t notice was that all her activities on social media were setting her up for the hit she has been suffering in the last few days. The report that Fella Makafui’s wine shop had been shut down by her angry boyfriend/sponsor was laughable but also inevitable.

We are told it has indeed happened, but for the fakery, she has been serving on social media, it wouldn’t have caught that much fire, attention and conversations. She was deservingly roasted because of her own online personality—which is far from what she sold to me the first time I spoke to her and decided to help her with a favourable article.

Her subtle claim that she was moving shops or setting up a new business has been gracefully rebutted, and she has been left dry—in a pit of disgrace.

We’ve been, as usual, wallowing in our deplorable schadenfreude in relation to her seemingly grand fall, caused by her so-called rich man behind the veil who is said to be responsible for her sudden ‘success’. But what’s not sincere and goes beyond the act of payback for even a foe, is the picking up of a random porn from the web, and treacherously putting it out there as a leaked tape of Fella Makafui.

Fella Makafui is not anything she claims to be on social media. She is probably no different to the Efia Odos, Moeshas and the others, but let’s call a spade a spade—she is not the one in the leaked sex tape, which has turned out to be from pornhub.

We can be mean with integrity, that’s my expertise. Unapologetically lying to throw someone, even your enemy under the bus the way Fella Makafui has been dealt with in relation to the sex tape is not just unfair, but grossly inappropriate.

Columnist: Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri