Fighting proxy ways, the Ghana way

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Fri, 10 Jan 2020 Source: Isaac Ato Mensah

Most people in Ghana – the ghanaians – are ignorant and dishonest.

Where is the evidence you ask?

Before Iran fired their “more than a dozen” missiles to two US military bases in Iraq on Wednesday, they did a few things: a) attempt to go to the UN headquarters to complain but were reportedly denied a visa, b) wrote a letter to the White House, and c) spoke to even the American media about their intentions.

And after Iran had fired their ballistic missiles, they communicated severally through proxies that they had finished their direct response.

Analysts on CNN have said the attacks on the military bases “appear designed to avoid US casualties”.

This serves as a chilling warning backed by evidence that lives could have been lost in that dawn raid.

“Even in war there are rules,” my mentor has said.

The ghana-way involves breaking rules; dodging the official correspondence, blabbing through proxies, arrogant posturing and saying foolish things.

Ever tried enforcing your rights with respect to any ghanaian institution?

First, the institution does not expect you to write to them, right?

When you write to them, they will initially only provide an oral response through a desk officer.

There is never any formal acknowledgment of your letter; all of a sudden all the GIMPA/Legon/KNUST/Cape Vars etc masters graduates cannot put pen to paper; critical thinking and analysis is not part of their training.

But as my mentor has said, “A secretary cannot receive a letter and keep it”; she must acknowledge receipt and submit it to the appropriate quarters.

Now, this is where you get them; it does not matter how long it takes, wait for their response.

Your letter by itself starts a paper trail.

“No institution or individual can dodge a letter”, says my mentor.

But what if it takes 20 years?

Do not worry: It is only people whose IQ will not register double digits on any scale who think and behave that way.

Philosopher Julian Baggini, has argued that the Western world should adopt the concept of time as “circular”, as believed in many parts of the world – time is not linear.

Today astronomers have proved that as Baggini observed in other cultures, “The past is also the future, the future is also the past, the beginning also the end”.

That “We are spiritual beings” means an action which took place years ago may take time to manifest to us given our current limited access to all of the universe aka space time.

“As for eternity it is here…..and we are in it already,” my mentor told me in 2014 but I should admit it took me years of processing and observing NATURE to arrive at my own truths.

Thus no educated person is fooled by infantile g-way proxy wars; the real war is going on within our hearts; we cannot deny our hearts.

Proxy wars are going on everywhere in ghana, including at an illegal restaurant turned bawdy house of ill repute for the sex trade in “RESIDENTIAL” Airport West.

Aggrieved parties using due process may even die before those practising “spiritual wickedness in high places” mend their ways.

When you cannot respond in writing stating a decision taken with its underlying reasons, is that not an admission that your decision, standing within your files for an inordinate period of time now, is wrong?

It is becoming more and more difficult to use temperate language when analyzing and responding to the inane acts of ghanaians.

Enough is enough already in this malaria infested and insanitary place with its backward, misinformed and annoying groups of people.

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Columnist: Isaac Ato Mensah