Financial misconduct at Sissala West District Education Office

Sat, 14 Nov 2015 Source: Ali, Prince Justice

I draw the nation's attention to yet another misconduct of some officials at the above mentioned office. This time, the misconduct is financial with the District Accountant Mr. Kojo Yahaya and the former District Director of Education (DDE) Mr Kwesi Akaba Braimah being the culprits.

The embattled Accountant Mr Kojo Yahaya is in trouble for several reasons ranging from refusing to go on transfer to stealing. The accountant blatantly refused to go on transfer to Funsi District Education Office. Consequently, he has little cooperation from the new DDE Mr. Francis Maali, who is uninterested in the corrupt life of Mr Yahaya and his former DDE (Mr. Akaba)

Most items of stationery ranging ream of papers to cartridges were getting missing mysteriously in the Office. Accusing fingers pointed to no one else but to Mr Kojo Yahaya largely because of his marked propensity to steal public property. Typical of all determined-corrupt public officials, he denied any knowledge of the missing items. But only time was to tell who the thief is.

As those stolen items were never enough when compared to the bulk items he used to amass during the regime of the former DDE, he devised plans to enter Director’s Office illegally, now occupied by Mr FRANCIS K. MAALI. Before eventually entering the office unlawfully at 7:40 p.m., Mr Yahaya reportedly man-handled the security man on duty. Swearing to protect the office at all the cost, the security man Mr. Mahama was finally overpowered by Mr Yahaya who dragged him to a remote location before entering the office. It was against this backdrop that Mr. Mahama called Mr. Martin Fuo- the district training officer, to come to his aid. On his arrival, Mr. Martin also called Mr. Maali and when he came, the Accountant was searched and some items ranging from cartridges to papers were found in the sack he was holding.

On October 30, 2015, the police of Gwollu picked up Mr Yahaya from a drinking spot and took him straight to cells. Deservedly, he passed the night in police custody. The following day, October 31, Mr Yahaya’s room was searched. Items found were four pieces of printer cartridges, which he earlier denied taking from the office three weeks ago.

Reportedly, Mr Yahaya and Mr Kwesi Braima (the former DDE) connived with each other and duped the District Office of unquantifiable sums of money. Per the invoices in my hand, below are quantities of items of stationery Mr Yahaya and the former DDE claimed they procured for Office. Conversely, reliable information from the District Office itself shows clearly that ABSOLUTELY NO ITEM as indicated in the invoices was brought to the office.

The first invoice dated January 19, 2015, contained the underlisted items, all totalling one thousand, seven hundred and thirty Ghana cedis (GH ¢ 1730).

(1) 7 boxes of A4 sheets of paper at GH ¢ 700

(2) 6 raw sheet at GH ¢ 700

(3) 1 pack at GH ¢ 30

(4) 2 cartridge printer at GH ¢ 500

(5) 1 cartridge photocopier at GH ¢ 350.

The second invoice dated January 26, 2015, contained the following items, all totalling six thousand and three hundred Ghana cedis (GH ¢ 6300).

(a) 15 boxes of A4 sheet at GH ¢ 1500

(b) 6 raw sheet GH ¢ 150

(c) 10 packs of pen at GH ¢ 300.

(d) 10 cartridge printer at GH ¢ 2600

(e) 2 cartridge photocopier at GH ¢700

(f) 200 exercise books at GH ¢ 600

(g) 8 packs of empty CD at GH ¢ 600 rate 75

In addition to the above, Messr. Akaba Braimah and Kojo Yahaya were reported to be transacting personal businesses with office money. For example, they denied 138 basic schools of their capitation grant for one year and rumours were ripe that they invested the money in the then booming microfinance companies in the Region. As evidence, Mr. Akaba was the first person in the Upper West Region to take Diamond WINNERS (one of the microfinance companies) to court.

In direct consequence of their mismanaging of the office fund, the incumbent DDE Mr. MAALI is reportedly using his personal money to run office since August 2015. He has since organised meetings with chiefs, elders, assembly members, head teachers, PTA and SMC executives. He has also supported circuit supervisors to be visiting their circuits regularly to supervise schools. All these activities were never done under Mr Akaba.

Additional information reaching me indicates that former Mr AKABA (the former DDE) and Kojo Yahaya were supposed to work on TRANSFER GRANTS and other allowances for workers. Secretly, only the two persons sent their names as far back as February 2015. As a result, no single worker in Sissala West District Education Office is enjoying these allowances. In contrast, over 100 workers are pocketing these allowances in Sissala East District. These allowances are themselves a motivation for teachers to accept posting to deprived district and communities.

In conclusion, I'm calling on the Director General of the Ghana Education Service, the Regional Director of Education, the District Director of Education and all concerned stakeholders to take appropriate actions to sanction the culprits to serve as deterrent to other public workers

The author Mr. Prince Justice Ali is a sentimental advocate for development and positive change.

Cell: 0204803328.

Columnist: Ali, Prince Justice