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FixTheCountry It is the responsibility of the government to fix the country, says the author

Tue, 18 May 2021 Source: Waterz Yidana

Of course, this messed up country needs massive fixing and it is the responsibility of the government and our leaders to do the fixing, irrespective of the minor responsibilities of us the citizens.

The government must accept that it has failed or has lagged behind in fixing this country, hence the plethora of problems we are all plagued with and the suffering we all have to endure, except a few people in the political class who are enjoying and asking those suffering not to complain.

Almost everything happening right now in this country is going in the wrong direction and it's obvious the government has lost control. And as good citizens of this country, we need to draw their attention to their failure over the years, even if we voted for them or supported them to win power---

it is the growth of the country which should be our ultimate concern, not partisan politics at this point where prices of goods and services have reached an astronomical level, without any raise in the salaries of workers.

It's absurd for any group of people to counter the “Fix The Country” campaign with “Fix Yourself” or Fix Your Attitude.” How does my attitude affect the prices of goods in the market? So, are our roads bad because I haven’t fixed myself?

The low quality education is caused by me not fixing myself? The lights go off intermittently because I haven’t fixed myself? The ongoing killings and kidnappings are happening because I haven’t fixed myself? Come on, let's do away with pettiness and wake up and smell the coffee.

We cannot afford to politicise everything in this country because we benefit or do not benefit from it. The country is bigger than any one of us and we all need to respect it and respect ourselves as well.

Prior to this government coming to power, they promised us heaven on earth, if now things are very bad and we ask you to fix it, why ask us to fix ourselves? Why don’t you ask us to fix ourselves during elections, so that we know you're not ready for the job, hence vote for a candidate who is ready to fix the country.

All we ask of you the government is, good drinking water for every citizen. Quality education, quality healthcare, good roads, massive infrastructural development, jobs with good salaries and peace and stability with a bonanza economy in the country.

It's just so unfortunate that many people, especially some celebrities and powerful men who had a voice and spoke truth to power in the previous government have all now lost their voices, either because they're benefiting from this government or they are afraid to speak up.

Whether they're benefiting or afraid to speak up, we've every right to call them hypocrites who take sides in very critical national issues where they need to be neutral and show patriotism.

If things continue like this, there shall be more brain drain and this country will be left with the chaff and they'll further mar everything, hence the total collapse of the country.

Every patriotic citizen should join the #FixTheCountryCampaign and let's put our leaders on their toes to do the right thing. The leaders must fix themselves first and then fix the country, then all the ordinary citizens will fix themselves by being responsible citizens who'll be willing to die for their country.

The President should allow the citizens to express themselves and not gag them from speaking their minds.

He led several demonstrations and protests in opposition which eventually paved the way for him to become President, so why is he not allowing people to vent or voice their frustrations out as a way of telling him that he has failed or hasn't lived up to their expectations?

Let's all be political and not make 'Fix The Country' a partisan campaign.

Ghana can prosper if leaders get it right. The European or American system is working because their leaders have fixed themselves and their system, hence it's extremely difficult for just anyone to break the law and get away with it.

Not even the most powerful persons can easily break the laws in America because there're systems in place.

All we need to do as a people is to stop praising our leaders for their mediocre performance in government and let's always hold them accountable to their works because they’re our servants.

Columnist: Waterz Yidana
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