Flooding and environmental degradation on Nii Amon street at North Kaneshie

North Kaneshie Floodss Picture of how the street gets flooded when it rains

Mon, 30 Mar 2020 Source: Kenneth Acquah

Dear Sir/Madam,

It is with greatest concern and respect for the future of the residents on Nii Amon street in North Kaneshie near Cable and wireless school and its neighborhood, between Mukose and Kanshea Electoral area in South Okai koi sub-metro that I write this petition letter to draw your attention on our street and flooding situations, without drainage systems, poor street condition, built on the street and built to blocked rain waterways for ages now.

Nearby drainages systems over-flow and flood to the street which makes driving and walking very disastrous during raining seasons.

I write to you today with a heavy heartbroken on our situation which create a disaster to us anytime in rain heavy.

Among other problems on the street, such are some residents built to block old waterways which allow the rainwater to flow away in the previous year and other built on the street which has make the street a very narrow, poor street network that links other roads.

I chose to direct this petition to your noble office because there has been many calls for emergency help from relevant authorities and past governments to unravel the problem over the past years (since 2013 till presents), but all their efforts was to no avail and no positive responds on the situation and continue to get worse the street and environment conditions. I personally do not engage in politics but I believe service to humanity is our greatest task on earth. Humanitarianism and government are like twins of the same destiny. In this context, the destiny is the protection of humanity and human welfare. Nii Amon Street is a street between Kanshea and Mukose electoral within South Okai koi sub-metro/Constituency.

The assembly member of the Area and Chairman of the sub-metro is Mr. Ibrahim Ankrah – Kanshea electoral, Mr. Steve Teye Okuno – Assemble member for Mukose electoral area, Mr. Tagoe – former Head of work of sub-metro, Mr, Okai – NADOM Director for sub-metro, Mr. Bernard – Sub- metro Director, and former governmental departments (AMA former Major office, NADMO, Mr. Sabbah- AMA Drainage Engineers, AMA Coordinating Director, Town and County Planning department, Member of Parliament- MP and other officials, all are aware of the situations until now unattended.

The street has a population of approximately 4 registered churches, 1 Nursery school for kids and nearby basic school(cable and wireless school) where it create a disaster on movement anytime it rain heavily and all the street flooded. What worsens the situation is that, the street is transverse by a stream called "Erosions and human activities" which usually get overwhelmed/flooded during the raining season.

This predicament that bedeviled the community has not been given much attention by successive governments. Have also degraded the environment. And the situation continues worsened each year (raining season period), as severe flood engulfed the whole of the main street and flow into houses and devastate property (ies) and make life movement a disastrous for residents and school kids, on the 3rd June rain disaster in 2015 that was Monday from midnight and a continuous downpour within a day. The street is very busy street that links to other communities within the district and has been in a deplorable state for the past years. The street help in easing traffic on the near-by streets during days.

Additionally, what makes the problem so pathetic is that, a resident cannot move in and out, cars cannot also use the street and other nearby streets as a result of the flooding. Because of this, people have to walk in the flood whilst carrying their kids from the main road to the nursery school, others carry the kids to school in the flood. This state of affair is unhealthy and out of place in a modern developing country like ours.

I also realized that my mum who is proprietor of the nursery school have come under severally with criticisms, also accusation from parents and other residents for the school not being able to help the situation. I am writing this letter to you on behalf of my mum as well as all the residents on the street to you as the Chief Executive officer of Accra Metropolitan Authority - Mayor of Accra and Sub-metro authorities so something emergency can be done to remedy the situation at hand now.

But as a citizen too, I have taken many initiatives from being a voluntary assistant for both the assembly members by alerting them on any issues which don’t help the community development, have right also to ensure that the right things are done to help the development of my community and those in the society as a whole. I have been a volunteer assistant to the assembly members in all diverse ways since the flooding situation became worse.

I have no hidden motive to write this letter, other than to be a responsible citizen hence to endeavor to help building my community and the nation at large, so we work collectively for the sustainability of the environment as well as the safety of the present and future generation of the people of Nii Amon Street hence, our contribution towards the betterment of the Capital city, Accra.

The people believe in your government and your authority, especially where you emphatically stated that, "We acknowledge there will always be the need for a safety net for the vulnerable in our society, as in all other societies. Our nation will work when the marginalized and vulnerable are catered for and treated fairly with mutual respect".

Attached are pictures of the situations for your review for immediate action/steps and attention to help save lives and properties within the community and it street.

I am available and can be contacted for further clarification or information to help in the development of the community and the street.

Hoping to hear from you soon.

Thank You.

Yours Respectfully

Kenneth Acquah – Resident.

kenacq35@outlook.com, 0207275217, 0246101443.

Columnist: Kenneth Acquah