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Cry My Beloved Ghana

- Mother Ghana speaking

by Samuel Donkor

In your speeches and political campaigns you refer to me as ; ''our beautiful Mother Ghana, our peaceful country.''unquote.

I am Mother Ghana speaking and asking; '' where is my beauty and where is the peace with me you talk of. Stop this fun-fool respect and glorification you give to me. This is hypocrisy of the highest order. How peaceful and well to do are the majority of my children, Ghanaians , who are living in stark poverty and deprivation around the country.

Since the overthrow of my beloved son DR Kwame Nkrumah of the first republic, whom I chose to lead my children to independence from colonial rule, I have never had a peaceful mind as far as the quality of life for my people and socio-economic development progress are concerned. The degradation of my environment and the pollution of my rivers and water bodies speak for themselves with serious sanitation mess in the cities.

It is therefore very sad and pathetic to hear some of my learned and respected public figures and politicians, who have become myopic to reality, referring to me, their Mother Ghana, as a beautiful country. Since the demise of the first republic, I have been weeping with pain in my heart, but today it's worst. My beauty has been gradually degraded, deformed and devastated, destroying my image and reputation.

My beautiful forests and patches of forest reserves have been depleted, my beautiful rivers and water bodies have been polluted and drying up.

Where is my Garden City, Kumasi of west Africa fame, Achimota forest, Accra; where are the beauties and facades of Accra-Tema, Koforidua, Tamale and other regional capitals at the time of the first republic; where are the beautiful infrastructures DR Nkrumah built? Where is the beautiful Kwame Nkrumah circle in Accra with its rest lawns around for relaxation and the beautiful scenery of the odaw stream dredged and sprayed against mosquitoes by helicopters of the air force once in 3months

Oh my God, I am so disappointed and deeply sad today, because I am sinking deeper and deeper and have no strong and selfless leaders to salvage my good image and glory I enjoyed under the first republic. My children are lost and have become rebellious against me and our God.

The children of Mother Ghana have since the first republic, gradually lost the spirit of patriotism, nationalism, and selfless devotion and have become greedy bastards, corrupt and nation wreckers, who care less about the nation's development progress. They have become exploiters of themselves and also helpers of foreigners to plunder my wealth and resources without solidarity among themselves as Ghanaians.

Oh God, my Children, Ghanaians, once peaceful, law abiding, respected, loving and noted for their hospitality, have today become a sinful nation.They have become a people with guilt, a brood of evil doers, children given to corruption. They have forsaken my positive ideals, their respected culture and moral values, they have spurned their creator and turned their back on me and our God, just like the children of Israel, according to Isaiah1:1-23.

Today, I Mother Ghana, as a nation, am desolate, my cities are burned with crimes, such that has never been experienced before, my fields are being stripped by foreigners right before my children and laid waste as when overthrown by strangers. See how the faithful cities have become harlots. They were once full of justice and law abiding; righteousness used to dwell in them, but now murderers.

Our money, the Cedi has become valueless, our choice of wine is diluted with water, just as many of our products are fake or adulterated. Dishonesty is all over. My leaders have become rebels, companions of thieves: they all love bribes and chase after gifts. They are full of lies. They do not defend the cause of the fatherless, the poor and the under-priveledged. There is no justice and wrong doers are rather shieldered and innocent and little offenders punished. Even complainants become accused and punished without cause.

My political leaders have become rulers of Sodom, who have turned their backs to God , the creator. They, my religious leaders, have become hypocrites and holier than thous, who behave like the Pharasees, who do everything for men to see; they make their gowns wide and the tassels on their garments long; they love the place of honor at banquets and the most important seats in the congregations and public gatherings; they love to be greeted in the markets and public places and to have men call them Reverends, Pastors, Prophets and other big titles, as written in Math.23:5-7

Today there is no love, no faithfulness, and no acknowledgement of God among my children. There is only cursing everywhere, lying and murder, stealing and adultery;they break all bounds and bloodshed follows bloodshed. Because of this, I Mother Ghana, is mourning all day long and all who live with me as a nation waste away.

Today, there are so many priests and men of God with so many Churches springing up everywhere like mushrooms. But because, they have ignored the laws and faith of their God, they are rejected. The more the priests and so called pastors increase, the more they sin against God; they exchange their glory for something disgraceful. They feed on the sins of people and relish their wickedness. And its like people , like priest as written in Hosea 4:2-9.

My children, Ghanaians, you are today being destroyed from lack of knowledge. You are reaping whatever evil you have sown, hence the consequences of the sinful nature being experienced. You have become a poor people living in a rich land. You eat ,but do not have enough. You are not able to manage the rich resources I have in store for you, hence the plundering by foreigners of my wealth, which is mismanaged and shared among a few of you. .

Oh my God, the plundering of my wealth is getting worst everyday, with the help of the ruling class, who are themselves cheats. My riches is controlled and shared by a few, while the majority of my children are living in stark poverty. My Ghanaians have become poorer in the midst of riches, because of greedy, corrupt, selfish and weak leadership governance. Dishonesty, embezzlement, abuse of power, lawlessness, indiscipline,cheating and fraud is the order of the system today. Disorder and disrespect is reigning in my dominion Ghana.

My national coffers are being looted by a few of the ruling class and the civil and public servants are using their institutions as gold mines, instead of serving my poor people of the nation. The living standard of my children in the rural areas is pathetic.

My son DR Nkrumah laid a solid foundation towards uplifting the life quality of the rural folks during the first republic, but was discontinued after his overthrow. My dear learned leaders of my nation, Ghana, technocrats and professionals , what you are doing to me today is not what I deserve, as far as socio-economic development progress and the welfare of my people are concerned. It's a disgrace to my reputation and to yourselves as learned people.

The collapse of infrastructural development progress and the socio-economic declination, is because my new later-day political leaders and their technocrats, at a very early stage after the first republic, gradually lost the culture of maintainance and sustainable development and bad management, which has caused the infrastructural base of the country, bringing my nation back to square one in progress to date. Due to their greed and corruption, they are myopic, wasteful and without innovation or creativity.

My dear children, Ghanaians,you are not progressing, because your leaders don't like development progress. They have no vision to give you quality living standard. They rather enjoy mediocrity, petty praises, giving lip-service and throwing their weight about on you.

Where are the many factories and industries my son DR Nkrumah left behind during the first republic. Due to negative political expediency and lack of continuity culture among my political leaders and their technocrats, for reasons best known to them, many of these factories were left to collapse and a few sold at cheaper prices and some converted to other uses. All these negative and unpatriotic governance practice has held back Ghana's development progress for 45years now.

I am very very sad, I Mother Ghana, am deeply sad , looking at how the governance of my nation is being run today. I don't see any progress in sight, that will give my children a better future. Things are rather getting worst, with a continuous declining trend. Mother Ghana is sinking deeper and suffering from a rotten system of greed, mismanagement,corruption,indiscipline, disorder, bitterness and lawlessness everywhere. Politics of hatred and division has become the game of the day creating fertile grounds for lawlessness and causing fear and panic to innocent poor people. . My few learned politicians, civil and public servants in government and administrative sector, who have acess to the national wealth are greedy, corrupt and myopic that, they have become dishonest and insincere to the people they are suppose to serve. They have no compassion to the rural folks, but enjoy exploiting them. My rural folks and ordinary citizens are suffering from socio-economic deprivation, neglect and leadership paralysis.

The youth of my nation are neglected and left to their fate. The leadership has no youth policy direction like my son DR Nkrumah had in the first republic. Many of the youth are idle. Unemployment rate is high among them and have become vulnerable to crime and indiscipline.Moreover education for my youth has become so expensive, that many of them have become drop outs,having their future at stake. Aside of the high cost, standard is low. Government is refusing to invest massively in education making it difficult for parent to educate their children.

The irony of my fate as Mother Ghana is that, where was China during my first republic. I Mother Ghana was far ahead of China in terms of accelerated growth in development progress, My socio-economic and industrial growth was ahead of China in the early sixties before my son was overthrown.

Today my learned politicians and their technocrats are running to China to borrow 3billion dollars and are happy of it. A big disgrace to me as a mother having all the natural resources to make me strong and a borrower also.With all the education you are supposed to have had and the braggings as Africa's first self rule nation, you are still beggers. I tell you the truth, China has very less natural resources, but invested massively in education and worked hard with patriotism and discipline. Agriculture was also not left out.

My political leaders, I advise to live and act according to what they preach and confess to be, if they want me Mother Ghana to be redeemed. They are really making a mockery of democratic governance. They should learn to do the right things and also copy rightly and be innovative to uplift my image and my people's living standard.

All that I pray to God Almighty for my nation is honest, sincere and patriotic leadership and not holier than thous.It is even written; ''Righteousness exalt a nation.'' (prov. 14:14). I Mother Ghana, am asking God to give the leaders as early as possible to salvage my my economy and redeem my image together with better lives for my people. I seek selfless leaders who will serve my children with humility and not as public lords of arrogance and keep to their promises as servants of the people.

All is not lost, with faith, hope and love in God, my Father, I Mother Ghana shall be redeemed to my glories, when the right leaders are given by my Father. My children, Ghanaians pray with me for the best leader to surface. We have them among us and God will surely give them to us. Thank you.

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Yours faithfully,

Samuel Donkor.

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Columnist: Donkor, Samuel