Samuel Bryan Buabeng writes on reasons why Akufo-Addo needs 4 more years

Nana Akufo Addo 2 President Akufo-Addo

Tue, 21 Jan 2020 Source: Samuel Bryan Buabeng

If NPP government under the able leadership of President Akufo-Addo and VP Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia could achieve this and many more in 3 years and 13 days, an achievement comparatively unmatched by all successive governments throughout our Fourth Republican trajectory, then it is in order for the NPP to humbly ask the citizenry to give us #4MoreYearsToDoMore.

Planting for food and jobs

Reduced Inflation to 7.9% as at end of 2019 from 17.5% in 2016

Resolved Dumsor. Paid Energy Sector legacy debt

Implemented free SHS programme. 1.2 million Students currently benefitting. Enrolment rate up by 62.6%

Added almost 1.5 million pupils to school feeding programme

Implemented Paperless ports system. Import duties reduced by up to 50%. Demurrage rate drastically reduced

Paid GH¢ 1.2 billion NHIS debt dating back to 2013

Engaged 900,000 people in gainful employment under Planting for food and jobs programme.

Employed 100,000 graduates under NABCO programme.

181 1D1F factories either operational or ongoing. Many others at financial approval stage.

Built more than 80 new warehouses under district warehouse initiative.

Rehabilitated more than 40,000 kilometers of roads.

Revamped Railway sector.

Restored Teacher Trainer Allowance. Over 45,000 benefitting.

Restored Nurses Training Allowance. Over 54,000 benefitting.

Employed over 55,000 nurses, doctors and other health professionals.

Employed 2000 police personnel to beef up police numbers.

Supplied 676 vehicles, 4500 bullet proof vests, and 3,000 body cameras to Police for crime combat.

Employed 60,000 youths -Youth in Afforestation Programme.

Planted 13.3million trees nationwide to help green Ghana.

Increased Public Sector Salaries by 12%.

Increased Minimum wage by 11%.

SSNIT Pension increased by 11%.

Rolled out 100,000 affordable housing project. Completed 4,700 units that was abandoned.

Implemented World's largest medical drone programme with centers in Walewale, Asante-Mampong and Omenako.

Saved 4.6 million Depositors from losing their funds in collapsed banks. Moving forward, established Ghana Deposit Protection Corporation to protect depositors funds.

Implemented One Village One Dam programme. 570 dams currently at various stages of completion.

Banned Galamsey and restructured Small scale mining sector.

Implemented $1 million per constituency initiative.

Delivered ‘1 Constituency 1 Ambulance’ vehicles.

Terminated wasteful Power Purchasing Agreements. Saved $7.6 billion.

Drastic reduction on Interest rates-making loans cheaper.

Increased Foreign Direct Investment, currently highest in West Africa.

Constructing 190km of new water pipelines and 937 boreholes to bring potable water to more than 220,000 in deprived communities nationwide.

Created Six new regions to facilitate development.

Opened Special Prosecutor Office.

Implemented National Identification programme. About 6 million registered as at the end of 2019.

Increased national electricity access to 85%.

Increased capitation grant for basic schools by 122%.

Constructing 10 regional youth resource centers.

Paid debt of Road Contractors outstanding for more than 6 years. Paid GHC 2.8 billion in 2019 being the highest amount by any government in a year.

Increased Cocoa price by 8.42%.

Reduced Unemployment rate to 7.1%.

Provided prisoners with health insurance cover to enable them access quality healthcare.

Established Human Trafficking Fund to support victims.

Got Obuasi Gold Mine re-opened.

Reduced Poverty rate.

Digitized land registration.

Digitized Vehicle registration administration cutting down waiting times by about 80%.

Established Zongo Development fund.

Secured 30% price reduction from pharmaceutical suppliers for medicines on NHIA list.

Guaranteed 30% of university places to public SHS students.

Established $10 million support fund for women entrepreneurs.

Established GH¢20 million Fund for start-ups.

Paid Tier 2 Pension funds which was outstanding for more than 6 years to Pension Trustees.

Handed over land and building documents to 1,216 persons resettled, following the Bui Power project.

Launched District Scholarship Scheme, 30,000 tertiary students benefitting.

Procured 500 vehicles in support of Kantanka Automobile.

Launched Online Job Centre to boost youth employment.

Reduced Food imports following planting for food and jobs programme.

Built more than 962 buildings including classrooms and dormitories in secondary schools.

Provided free lunch for public SHS Day students.

Recruited 66,357 teachers since 2017 with more than 15,000 teaching and non-teaching staff for secondary schools alone.

New oil deposits discovered adding up to about 550 million barrels to Ghana's deposits.

Positioned Accra as the trade capital of Africa by winning bid to host AfCFTA Secretariat in Accra.

Novartis’ Hydroxyurea medication adopted to bring relief to sickle cell patients. Currently going through the process to be included on NHIA’s medicines list.

Construction of landing sites ongoing to boost fishing. 6336 outboard motors and other fishing equipments also supplied.

$993 million Pwalugu Dam and Irrigation project- single largest project in the North undertaken by any government since independence.

Trade balance improved from a deficit of $ 1.8 billion in 2016 to a surplus of $ 2.6 billion as at August 2019.

Introduced Mobile money renewal for health insurance membership boosting membership numbers.

Passed Right To Information bill (law) to make government more transparent and accountable.

Absorbed WASSCE registration fees for free SHS students as well as fees for Postgraduate medical training.

More than GHC 3.5 billion outstanding tier 2 pension contribution inherited paid.

Persons With Disability’s share of District Assemblies Common Fund increased by 50% as well as 50% of Toll Booth attendant jobs reserved for them.

2000 communities covering almost 1 million people in rural areas provided telephony access.

Peace restored in Dagbon after several years of chieftaincy dispute.

Implemented a comprehensive Building Code for Ghana for the first time.

Investing GHC 3 billion in the TVET sector to facilitate job creation for the youth.

We’re not returning to Egypt. No turning back from the dream.



Columnist: Samuel Bryan Buabeng