For how long will Woyome wallow in unhindered freedom?

Mon, 28 Jan 2013 Source: Adofo, Rockson

I am not only perplexed but also, get highly annoyed when Alfred Agbesi Woyome goes about bragging that he will sooner be vindicated. Is he not the one who confessed on air to the whole nation and world that he had not signed any contract with the government of Ghana? Is he not the same person who acknowledged that he had not worked for the government of Ghana on any contractual terms worth even a pesewa let alone, GHC51 Million? Why then did he lie, submitting fake documents guided through by Alex Segbefia, the former Deputy Chief of Staff, to claim GHC51 Million from the government, for a breach of contract?

I find the Attorney General and the State Attorneys' attitude not only bizarre but also, completely stupid, unprofessional and monumentally disgracing. They are the very ignorant people that belittle the intelligence of Black people and portray us in the eyes of our contemporary whites as gargantuan idiots worthy of nothing. Yes, we as Black people and Ghanaians are far more fools, taking Woyome's newfound vainglory and support of him by some Ghanaians, including chiefs and a whole region, into account. Alred Agbesi Woyome is simply a swindler who should be behind bars by now.

Let me educate the State Attorneys on their duties even though I am not a lawyer. They can, and should successfully prosecute Woyome on his own confession as stated above. He has directly accepted his guilt. Anything short of this will strongly confirm that Woyome did actually act as a front to take the money for the NDC party and certain high-ranking NDC fellows.

I will ensure Woyome goes to prison regardless the delay tactics and stupid attitudes in display by the State Attorneys charged to prosecute Alfred Agbesi Woyome. They keep saying they have not completed preparing the docket for his prosecution. How many months or years do they need to assemble the needed facts and documents to be able to prosecute him?

Do they think every Ghanaian is as silly and intellectually deficient, corrupt and myopic as they are? They hope the presiding judge will eventually throw out the case out of frustration emanating from tactical delays through incessant requests for adjournment by the prosecution team. The prosecution team had better be up and doing and stop hiding behind silly ploys which discerning Ghanaians deem as absolute trash and infantile.

Woyome, take it from me, your current joy will be short-lived. No matter what the NDC and John Mahama do for you, a bunch of corrupt persons as you are, you will refund the money to Ghana. As long as the Sun shines and God is truthful, Woyome will pay back the money regardless.

I conclude by saying, it is only a classical idiot without an iota of brain in his skull that will support Alfred Agbesi Woyome, a self-confessed swindler, to saunter in the streets enjoying the GHC51 Million.

It really pains me to see some Ghanaians in Diaspora being supportive of Woyome. I say to myself, are these people not enlightened at all after all these years residing in the Whiteman's land and mingling or interacting with them everyday? Have they not learnt anything useful from them to help towards any genuine cause of Ghana? Any sensible Ghanaian will not support Woyome to keep the money so dubiously stolen.

My reader, are you one of the sensible ones? Say yes, if you are. Say no, if you are not. Do not feel shy to disclose your true self to the world and me.

Rockson Adofo

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson