Can We Have Such A President?

Thu, 6 Oct 2011 Source: Prah, Prince

When will an elected President of Ghana at his inaugural address tell us (Ghanaians):

"Ladies and Gentlemen,

"Whilst thanking you all for the confidence repose in me, please accept my apologies, especially those who voted and supported me. I will be a very disappointing president! If you voted for me in return of a direct favour from me, if you supported me financially with the hope of winning contracts, if you campaigned for me day and night because you wanted a ministerial appointment, your dreams are dashed!

"I strongly believe that by the end of my tenure, I would have made more enemies than friends and the reason is simple. I will insist the right thing is done! We must respect our laws. Political party affiliation will no longer serve as immunity from prosecution...

"The focus of my administration will be the next generation and not the next elections..."

When ooooooooo When????????????

Source: prahprince-prince.blogspot.com

Columnist: Prah, Prince