Forlorn Departure: Oboobia Broke “Golden” Hearts!

Sun, 22 Dec 2013 Source: Goka, Frank

“As she severs ties with Radio Gold Fans”

There is time for everything in this world. And surely, everything under the sun has its inception and that unique inevitable time of termination. But one would bear me out that certainly, some of the departures become “Gone too soon”.

As usual of me, I recorded the “Morning Show” program on Radio Gold via Tunein Radio application on my Iphone this morning. Driving from work, I was all poised to listen that unique voice synonymous with the Fridays’ edition; especially after her transient absence within the week which drafted Valentina Afriyie to fill the gap wittingly. Yea! The jingles played and behold, Oboobia Darko-Poku was live on air alongside that “humungous” Friday Teacher—Onantefo Addae Munumkum! Oh, what a golden feeling!

However, just as I was about to take my seat into the program, Ms Oboobia made a statement that drew chilling sensation felt by even the most thinnest hair strand of my body. “Today is my last transmission with this station after 14 years of my entire working life” she bemoaned. What a news! Of course, in my mind’s eye, I saw that dejection in the faces of ALL listeners across the globe. A state of disbelieve we are. Alas, a forlorn departure it has been.

Oboobia, I know you have to pursue a dream; but honestly, you broke the hearts of ALL Radio Gold fans. Indeed, “we dey feel you too much” and likewise “we go feel your absence too much”—you shall be fondly missed. We will nonetheless find solace in that fact that; you are leaving with decorum, decency and the ideologies that paralleled Radio Gold’s vision in building a better Ghana for all.

On behalf of all fans, I wish you God’s guidance in your new venture. You shall succeed in His name. Your voice is etched in our memories and hearts for good. One thing we solemnly ask from you is…do not forget us! If I had had the opportunity to talk to you live, I would have asked you to play the song “Please Don’t Go” by Double You, to your cherished fans.

We love you O.B! We love Radio Gold…90.5!


Frank Goka, NY


Columnist: Goka, Frank