Former President Rawlings Vindicated

Wed, 8 Feb 2012 Source: Nyatepe, Eric

There is an old wise saying in Anlo that “when your Grandfather or Grandmother tells you something, do not say that you want to ask or consult your father or mother first”. This is because the old man or the old lady had seen a lot more in life than your father or mother.

The Good Book also says, “Pride goes before destruction, a naughty spirit before a fall.”

“The terror you inspire and the pride of your heart has deceived you, you who live in the clefts of rocks, who occupy the heights of the hill. Though you build your nest as high as the eagle’s form there I will bring you down.”

The proverbs unfortunately vividly describe President Mills. What is happening to President Mills’ government is self inflicted. This is because President Mills chose not to listen to wise counsel from his former boss and his mentor, who stood by him in rain or shine. President Mills decided not to remember the good President Rawlings did for him; rather, President Mills chose to stab him in the back by using the back of his hands to thank him.

President Mills’ attitude is hypocritical, to say but the least. Anytime he chances on President Rawlings, he (Mills) shakes his hands with a broad smiles; yet deep down in his heart he hates President Rawlings and his Wife Nana who had sacrifice everything to bring him to where he Mills is today. This is what Anlos say in proverb “Arukonu dome le vovo” (literally meaning”the teeth smiles but deep down the heart it is different)”

President Mills’ attitudes towards his former boss and mentor President Rawlings is summed up thus: “There is no art by which to see the mind’s construction in the face of a person”----in Macbeth by Shakespeare.

President Mills, it is said that experience is the best teacher. President Rawlings has been the Head of State for 19+ good years and has acquired a reservoir of experience and knowledge, yet President Mills and his Vice President John Mahama decided not to tap into this reservoir. Rather, the Kofi Totobi Quakyis, the Ahwois, Kojo Tsikatas, the Awunors, and the inexperienced and arrogant Ablakwa Okudjetos, Haruna Iddrisus, Afrieye Ankrahs, Koku Anyidohos etc., etc., have become his chief advisors.

President Rawlings started cautioning and warning President Mills and his government about the corruption, arrogance, ineptitude and other ills in the government but President Mills ignored the warnings. He rather chose to unleash small and inexperienced Deputy/Ministers Ankrah, Betty Mould Iddrisu, E.T. Mensah, Asiedu Nketia, Yao Boateng Gyan, James Agyenin Boateng, Baba Jamal, Omane Boamah, Kobby Acheampong, “Sexy Nose” Bernerd Allotey Jacobs, Kojo Twum Boafo and some rented stomach journalists like Kwesi Pratts, Konkonsa of Radio Gold, Raymond Archer, Andy Kankam, Kobby Fiagbe, Michael Dokosi, Ben Ephson etc. to badmouth President Rawlings at will.

The Woyomegate and others yet to be exposed have vindicated President Rawlings. Now that all the “t”s are crossed and all the” I”s dotted, the chickens are coming home to roost.

It is highly hypocritical of President Mills to display Jesus Christ on his chest, forehead and the collar of his shirts and yet is not grateful to President Rawlings for all the support he has given him (President Mills). President Mills must be reminded that the Jesus displays at every opportunity the importance of being grateful if somebody does something good for you. President Mills, do you remember the question Jesus asked? “Were not all ten cleansed? Where are the other nine? Was no one found to return and give praise to God except this foreigner?”

In conclusion, one can only ask President Rawlings to take consolation in the following quotation. “Though those that are betray’d do feel the treason sharply, yet the traitor stands in worse case of woe.” -- William Shakespeare

Eric Nyatepe

Concerned NDC Member

National Democratic Forum

Columnist: Nyatepe, Eric