Free Amina Mohammed Now!

Fri, 5 Nov 2010 Source: Adofo, Rockson

The current NDC administration under President Atta Mills perfectly epitomizes the

evils of the AFRC/PNDC and the NDC under Former President J.J. Rawlings. Whereas

Rawlings used the soldiers, the Committees for the Defence of the Revolution (CDRs),

the People's Defence Committees (PDCs) and the Workers Defence Committees (WDCs) to

oppress the citizens of Ghana, President Mills is using the police. Under the

current NDC administration, it suffices for one to open their mouth in condemnation

of a deplorable act by any of those in government to find themselves arrested by the

police and incarcerated.

The politics of divide and rule, the politics of sheer intimidation, the politics of

near-segregation, and the politics of nepotism are glaringly in operation in Ghana

today. In sum, the politics of senseless folly is what is observable in Ghana under

the President Mills' administration.

The other day it was my own Kumawuman compatriot, Nana "Okatakyie" Darkwah, who was

arrested for airing his sincere views about a conflagration that gutted Former

President Rawlings' house. Instead of having him as a principal witness to properly

investigate the cause of the fire, he was arrested and incarcerated. Yesterday it

was Ato Dadzie, and another guy who also responded in kind to the insults heaped on

Nana Akuffo-Addo by a NDC sycophant.

Today, one Amina Mohammed who encountered and witnessed attempted armed robbery and

robbery, and mass rape is being held culpable for volunteering information. Is this

not madness and perpetration of sheer nonsensical intimidation of the people of

Ghana by the Mills' administration? Why is Amina arrested, one may ask? Was there

not an element of truth in her claim? Did she not travel on that infamous bus? Was

the bus not shot at according to the police? Was it not the work of armed robbers or

highwaymen? What at all could motivate Amina to tell lies if she actually did? What

did she stand to gain by telling lies of that magnitude? If the bus was shot at,

what was the reason for that? Has Amina been seen by a psychologist and a

psychiatrist to determine the soundness of her mental state? Is Amina arrested

because of telling the nation about the attempted armed robbery or robbery of which

she was a victim, or for the alleged mass rape of which she was

luckily not a direct victim? I demand convincing answers from the seemingly

politicized Ghana police force.

The police have a duty to conduct a thorough investigation without succumbing to

their perceived political biases. They have to answer the few questions posed as

professionals but not as zombies doing the dirty work of the NDC party and or,

administration. Are armed robbers not abounding in Ghana at the moment? Why are the

NDC saying the suffering of Amina as recounted is meant to discredit the Atta Mills'

government? Has the government not been already rubbished by J.J. Rawlings, the sole

Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent Founder and Father of the NDC party? What can

be more damaging to the party and the government than all that has already been said

by Rawlings? She is only imprisoned to warn off Ghanaians from further revealing

ongoing facts deemed by President Mills as disgraceful to his limping government.

"It hurts to tell the truth but in the end it brings comfort"

For the fact that there is a discovered slightest truth in her story as at writing

and also the police having infringed on her constitutionally ascribed human rights,

I declare Amina free today. As I predicted freedom from the atrocious machinations

of the NDC to Nana Okatakyie Darkwah, so do I foretell the liberation of Amina from

further imprisonment? Yes she will be set free and if the Son of Man sets her free,

she will be free forever.

President Atta Mills is more of a father to a section of the NDC than the nominally

asserted "Asomdwehene" Father of all. A father of all indeed! The truth in Amina's

allegation is being sidelined. They only see the colour of her political affiliation

if indeed she is politically associated with a minority party. Be that as it may,

the NDC will lose the case when she is finally taken to court.

Don't we have a popular saying which goes, "Nnea 3faa me dokono no, 3nnoa na 3faa me

nkyenam no?" This literally translates as " He who stole my kenkey is also the one

who took my fried fish" This is to buttress my contention that if there was a

robbery or attempted robbery as partially established by the police in Amina's

allegation, then there was a mass rape or attempted mass rape as she alleges. Ghana

police should learn to be on top of their job. They are now a disgrace to the nation

and the world with their new found political sycophancy where they rush to take

irrational decisions and actions all in a bid to please the NDC party and

administration. Ghana police are all sucking up to Paapa Fiifi Atta Mills and the

NDC just because they are building them STX-Korean flats and houses, some Ghanaians

may conclude.

Free Amina Now!

Rockson Adofo

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson