"Friends Ghanaian Countrymen, Lend Me Your Ears"

Wed, 5 Mar 2014 Source: Sarpong, Justice

Now that I have your attention, are you aware your member of Parliament is trying to create a slush fund in Parliament to keep their high class lifestyle flying? Seriously, I am not pettifogging but bringing to your attention a law they are trying to pass during the night they call CONSTITUTIONAL FUND? What is constitutional fund? Read what Majority Leader and Minister in Charge of Government Business in Parliament Dr Benjamin Kunbuor said about this fund.

"Another person cracked a joke and said people like you why do you think anybody will send you to a particular ministry? You will go and be Konongo kaya. You will not chop, and you won’t allow anybody to chop. And these things can be worrying, Dr Kunbuor lamented.He said there is a proposal to create a constitutional fund to deal with the financial pressure put on MPs"

Nobody is putting financial pressure on Members of Parliament, their 'show off'' lifestyle some of them cannot afford is what is putting financial pressure on them. Members of Parliament are now becoming welfare Kings and Queens in the system. They want everything to be provided to them for free, WHY?

In layman terms which these not so clever MP's have neologized a new language for, what it means is that, these MP's are demanding from the people of Ghana to create a fund where each MP may get say GHc 4,000 a month so that when he or she goes to a funeral or birthday party in his constituency, he will have money to donate to the bereaved family or reward a birhday boy or girl. Is that my responsibility as a Taxpayer to put money in the pocket of an MP to display like that in a wedding by Nigerians? Folks, I am not engaging in sciamachy but I am fighting blatherskites MP's drawing huge salaries and demanding more.

A proposal to create a constitutional fund to ease financial pressure on MP's?

Are these people in Parliament serious? What about a constitutional fund for workers to ease financial pressure from family members? What about a constitutional fund for commercial Drivers to ease the financial pressure put on them by the Police who erect barriers on the road and engage in "lalasulala"(demanding money from drivers)? Why not a constitutional fund for Policemen to ease the financial burden on them so that they will not push pressure on drivers?

Why should my tax money be set aside for a stupid member of Parliament to go and splurge it at funerals, birthday parties, baby naming ceremonies and others? Is it my responsibility to ease the financial burden on an MP who promises his constituents a lot of things they can't do? I have read about an mp who boasts of having paid for 300 constituents NHIS premiums. This is not his money but a special fund set up for Parliamentarians to use in developmental projects in their constituencies. It is not my responsibility to finance any MP'spersonal financial responsibility. I live within my means and if I go to any funeral or birthday party, I donate what Ifeel comfortable with not what others expect me to pay and these MP's should learn to do the same.

These stupid MP's should be bold to tell their constituents who come begging for money that they are not cash cows but if they are idiots who want to continue bribing voters to keep voting for them to be in Parliament, then they should come out with that money from their own pockets.

These MP's earn about ten timeswhat an average Ghanaian worker earns not counting the pegs that come with their position, free housing, cars, free petrol, servants and free medical care and they are still demanding from poor workers to fund their personal expenses?

If I promise to reward my child if he or she does something and the time comes for me to pay up, I don't seek constitutional fund to satisfy my obligation.

What is wrong with these pampered idiots in Parliament calling themselves honourables who continue to do dishonourable things by stealing from Peter to pay Paul? Are Ghanaians even aware such a stupid proposal is pending in Parliament?

Creating another fund for Parliamentarians to dig their hands into? What is going to be the mode and medium of disbursement? An mp will just put in a request for GHc 4000 for a month for funeral expenses? Are you kidding me?

The problem with our Politicians is that, we don't know how to cut our coat according to our size and that goes with the way we even do our national budget. If there is a shortfall, instead of the government cutting expenses and living within its means, they resort to the easiest problem solvng, enacting new laws to increase taxes which ends up costing businessmen to lay off workers or close the business down. When are our Politicians going to learn, HABA?

Even if this so called constitutional fund, why the name constitutional fund? To hide this daytime robbery by clothing it in legitimate colors. If you have an akpeteshie budget, you should not have taste for crown Royale but unfortunately Ghanaians continue to have a taste for champagne with akpeteshie budget, sad, really sad indeed.

Justice Sarpong


Columnist: Sarpong, Justice