Friends Of Former President J.A. Kufuor Act Now.

Sat, 4 Apr 2009 Source: Owusu-Ansah, Kofi

I am not too conversant with the constitution of Ghana and as such, I really do not know the provisions that cater for the needs of former Presidents or Heads of state, but I think, even in the corporate world,former Chief Executives are granted ex-gratia awards to cater for the needs for their contribution to the corporate world. And I believe the 1992 Constitution would have made such a provision.The 1978 Constitution, which ushered in the Limann administration in 1979, never looked at the needs of our former presidents and even if it did,the military under Rawlings suspended the constitution and this lovely gentle and humble President, Hilla Limann, died a miserable death. I think, the 1992 constitution drafters took cognisance of this and made all the required provisions in that constitution.

What is my point ? It is widely publicised for public consumption, the fleet of cars that the Rawlings administration allocated to him when he left office. Ghanaians are aware of the Properties taken free of charge by the ministers and MPs from 1992 to 2000. I am not condoning any wrong doing in the body politic of our dear country but I have always hated double standards, no matter where it emanates.

The NDC, have always behaved like they Angels when it comes to the affairs of our country. They assume moral high grounds and because it is always difficult to deal with them on matters of common sense, they have resorted to force to achieve their aims. They have stretched this further to include pure lies,distortion of facts,smear,incitement of hatred and all forms of force to achieve their aims . Former President Rawlings and his wife Nana Agyemang Rawlings keep telling Ghanaians that, whatever they have was given to them by their friends. They were provided with accommodation by friends,his offices were provided by friends,friends took responsibility for their children's education in Europe and even the fleet of cars they use since he left office in 2001, were all provided to them by these Friends. I am sad,because at least, President Rawlings having put in eight years as a democratically elected President should have been given even a mere handkerchief to say, Thank you President for your stewardship of those 8 years but ONLY FRIENDS remembered him. Sad!. Ghana, I would say failed the former President Rawlings to the extent that he had to fall on friends for his survival.

Who am I to talk on moral issues when the stakes are high? The Ghana we live in today as defined by our politicians is that because you failed to do that for me,don't expect anything from me. Therefore, the NDC government is telling President Kufuor,you have served us for eight years, you should have made friends so go to your friends for help. We shall strip you of everything and let us see who will come to your aid. Oh,Mr Kufuor,cheer up for you have friends and all they are waiting for is your call.

I am therefore calling on all the friends of former President John Agyekum Kufuor to get in touch with the former President and make him as comfortable as possible. We shall never abandon you and never shall we forget the wonderful work you have done for our motherland. Jesus says can a mother forget her child? Yes,he will but Jesus says he will never forget you and all your friends with one accord and mind say,Opayin Kufuor,we shall never forget you. You are a Ghanaian, not by choice but by right and the constitution gives you every right to stay in any part of Ghana so feel free to live in any part of Accra and never bow to something you have never believed in. The Bible says by their FRUITS ye shall know them, God is the best judge so leave everything to him. Your friends are ready so make the call.

Columnist: Owusu-Ansah, Kofi