Frimpong Boateng All The Way to The Presidential Palace

Thu, 22 Nov 2007 Source: Adofo, Rockson

It is about time a real liberator was sent to redeem Ghana from her economic and social woes, brought about by her children's deprecating attitudes. Would Ghanaians even notice when one was sent? I am afraid not. As the Jews resisted, denied and rejected Jesus Christ's divinity, so are Ghanaians about to err in the same manner should we fail to convey the facts glaringly or palpably to them as to why a particular person, should eventually be voted the President of the Republic of Ghana.

Having promised myself to tell the truth onto death even when a knife is drawn at my throat or a gun pulled at me, I will state a few frank but painful reasons why a liberator, a God-send redeemer is called for; at this critical period of our search for durable solutions in attempts to extricate ourselves from horrendous indignity. Black people in general and Africans especially, in the estimation of some, and by the factual accuracy of others, are undoubtedly inferior by any measure of the human understanding. In generality terms, this is an undisputed fact though, a handful of Africans who have crossed this humiliatory line may beg to differ, it still does not reflect in remarkability. It is a gospel fact to accept and to deal with, rather than to live in denial to continue to wallow in utter stupidity, becoming objects of ridicule. The vehemence of attack on me for stating this truth will be unimaginable. But do I care a hoot if my assertion is in truth the reality and how our contemporary Whites see us? "It hurts to tell the truth but in the end, it brings comfort"

It is true that those who in their warped perceptions do think they are on the top rung of the ladder whereas in reality are at the bottom, will never aspire to climb up. The adage then goes, "he who is at the top of the ladder cannot climb any further but will rather climb down". If Ghanaians choose to believe they are wiser; they have everything; they are better off, when actually living in penury but at the mercy of the philanthropy of the Whites, then God have mercy on us. Even our fellow Blacks from the Caribbean think they are one inch taller than the African in which case they wouldn't have us near them. Why? Africans and in this case Ghanaians, are a total disgrace by our disgusting actions and inactions.

What self respect has a persistent beggar? Is there any nobility in our conscious actions where we have sacrificed dignity and decency for unconscious slavery? Is it any act of genius to refuse patronising our own goods and services, but cultivate a taste for similar items which are of foreign origin? Do Ghanaians ever imagine there could ever be the possibility of a change in policy where the White overlords would decide to be less caring, leaving us to fend for ourselves when Mother Nature becomes extremely ominous? For how long will Ghanaians wait on the Whites with mouths wide opened to be fed like hungry baby birds?

There is someone out there who holds the key to solving most, if not all, of the problems that dehumanize us. And this one Charismatic person is no-one other than Mr. Kwabena Frimpong Boateng, otherwise called Professor Kwabena Frimpong Boateng. He stands tallest among all the current NPP presidential aspirants in terms of honesty, preparedness to be of selfless service to humanity, to Mother Ghana and to Ghanaians. Is he not the lone person in the wilderness of Ghana crying for Ghana to aspire to wane off "breast milk", figuratively, loans, to stand on her feet feeding on solid foods (using her own natural endowments)?

Is Kwabena not the "Pace Setter" who is miles ahead of his rival NPP Presidential aspirants? Is he not the only disciplinarian and Charismatic who believes in the absoluteness of resort to scientific applications to solving the numerous problems inundating or engulfing Ghana? This gentleman believes in the exploration and exploitation of the Blackman's unlimited potentials ignorantly left unexploited, to not only solving our teeming insurmountable obstacles dehumanizing Ghanaians but also, providing the needed comforts of life, the abundance of which through application of intelligence and wisdom, helps to manifest the greatness of God in humankind.

Kwabena Frimpong Boateng has chalked his greatness in farsighted practicalities to solving Ghana's problems in the current annals of the Ghanaian history. He is so far the only Ghanaian presidential aspirant who is living in the future of his perfect dreams and solutions for Ghana. He is riding his vehicles (cars) on bio fuel diesel manufactured from his own "nkrandedua" plantation, the fruits of which are harvested and processed by himself at his factory. Is this not a good quality of a problem-solver leader who is not only finding an alternative to the sky-rocketing but depleting petroleum but also, helping to reduce the depletion of the ozone layer and hence, arresting global warming with the consequential ravaging effects on nature and human beings?

Professor Kwabena Frimpong Boateng does not believe least in the measuring of one's ability to lead a nation in the number of women bedded and how strong and better the person performs in bed, as it is the view of others. This does not in the least help to resolve the problems confronting Ghanaians, relegating us into near-perpetual subservience; but believes in honesty, innovation, self-trust, ingenuity, total reliance on prospecting our demarcated natural environment and endowments to raise the lifeline for Ghanaians rather than our current total reliance on handouts from the Whites, costing us our respect in their eyes but invitation of mockery, insinuations and abject insults.

Do Ghanaians prefer someone who by their magical wand, in which case the qualities found in Kwabena Frimpong Boateng, will bring about self respect, in the acquisition of most of the things that we lack, to the other who thinks he is a founding member of a political party which automatically bequeaths the right to rule upon him/her but a globe trotter with a bowl in hand soliciting alms? The length of time in a party is meaningless when considered as a factor to choosing or nominating a president for a nation. It should be what the person can honestly achieve for the nation that is of paramount significance.

What use do we put our faeces to in Ghana? In the Whiteman's land, it helps a lot in their agricultural use. But in Ghana, what is the use of our faecal excreta or "faecal matter"? Kwabena has the answer. He uses the gas, ethylene thereby generated to power his gas cooker. Could we not benefit from the visionary innovative ideas of Kwabena when he becomes the leader of Ghana? Is he not the lone voice among all the NPP presidential aspirants and in general the across-the-board political parties presidential aspirants advocating for the use of the renewable solar energy to generate electricity in Ghana? Have Ghanaians learnt any lessons from the recent past load shedding, the shameful aftermath of the dwindling water level in the Akosombo dam? It takes a courageous farsighted leader to implement their ideal dreams or policies, having beneficial impact on the people eventually.

Same as Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, the first President of the Republic of Ghana was resisted in every twist and turn of his emancipative political career by his political opponents, even when he dared to build the largest man-made lake, the Akosombo hydro electric power to generate electricity to serve Ghana and some neighbouring sister countries, but now posthumously credited for his feat, so are Ghanaians about to repeat same sad history by denying Professor Kwabena Frimpong Boateng the chance to successfully serve his country Ghana.

It is on the lips of many a Ghanaian that Kwabena is the best President Ghana will never have. Why this? You can have him as President if you all choose to, especially the NPP delegates charged with electing their party's flag bearer. May the unconsciously slumbering delegates wake up to their godly clarion call to elect a visionary Charismatic leader in the only person of Professor Kwabena Frimpong Boateng to take on Professor Atta Evans Mills in the year 2008 Presidential elections and victory will be ours, irrespective of our individual political affiliations, orientations or allegiance.

May the Heavenly Father we all worship as the Supreme Creator of all animate and inanimate objects, path the way for Kwabena Frimpong Boateng, shower His blessings upon him to be elected for the next President of the Republic of Ghana. Stay tuned for more relevant articles on him though they may appear too late. But, better be late than never.

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Columnist: Adofo, Rockson