So why change the name of the schools, airport, hospital etc. for what?

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Sun, 26 Jan 2020 Source: Rev. Dr. Johnson Ehiakpor Esq.

It is disheartening to always hear or read that people are advocating for changing this and that name of some of our physical structures and attributing it to God.

I am not against those who say that but what has those name changing brought to Ghana in terms of its merits?

Our Secondary Schools were first changed to Senior Secondary schools and later Senior High Schools without even painting the blocks.

Today, the government cannot pay the teachers to teach.

Today, the government cannot build the school blocks for our children's education.

Today, the government cannot afford to release funds for food for the children's education.

Today, there are no beds in our hospitals.

Today the hospitals built by the previous government are in the bush.

So why change the name of the schools, airport, hospital etc. for what?

Rev. Sonnie Badu should have said he is suggesting that Kotoka airport must be renamed for so, so and so reasons.

But to say God said, God said, is what baffles me. I am not doubting God but I wish he goes back to God for confirmation of what he is saying. And if God confirms it, he should wait for other confirmations from 11 other people before he publishes it.

It is just like the Agricultural University established in Sunyani by the previous government, the current government allegedly wanted to name it after Busia.

Couldn't the govt build a new structure in Wenchi and name it after Dr. Busia? Perhaps a Busia Tomato factory at Akomadan will be the best name, the Busia brand of tomato.

It is an open secret that some of our pastors go for juju to make the miracles. But none of these pastors could go to the aid of these poor school children to assist them. It's a pity, Ghana.

So Rev. Sonnie Badu should wait for confirmation of his prophecy because the many prophesies Ghana had received over the years has never yielded any good results.

A donation to an adopted secondary school would have done the trick. Is it water sachets or pads for our girls?

We need practical actions, and not God say, God say, God say. This is enough. Go to India that worship Budha. We import their computer expertise always, why?

I think there is no country in the world that prays more than Ghanaians. We leave our jobs; shops, offices etc. and go praying 24 hours a day, Sundays to Mondays every week.

How can we create anything even if God reveals it to us by only praying 24/7 and prophesying? I'm not saying some prophesies are not of God.

So let my brother knows that changing of name alone may not help us transform our economy like today, we have done it so many times. Let us put a hold on it. We need practical creativity to transform Ghana.

Columnist: Rev. Dr. Johnson Ehiakpor Esq.