Opinions Thu, 7 Jun 2018

Is poor leadership a reflection of our society?

In my short life on earth, I have read, watched and heard many fulfilling stories of how some countries evolve. In some instances, I ask people I come across this simple question: WHY ARE WE POOR? Usually, the response from these people is that, we do not have good leaders.

When we talk about, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, South Korea and some others, we are told they made strides in greatness as a result of good leaders. So, why has it been the worse in our country, Ghana, 61years after independence? Is it not that, our society doesn't provide an enabling environment for creating good leaders?

Our society certainly must be one point where these leadership crisis emanate. That lead me to ask Professor Sarfo, a lecturer at the University of Education Kumasi Campus that "Between leaders and followers, where should change begin?" He was of the view that, the followers should drive/call for change in our society. Well, this same society hails people who mismanage our resources, this same society gives titles to people who mess our system.

On the other hand, the youth who are supposed to be the future leaders are only interested in going into politics to occupy positions to rule this country. It's difficult to be able to get good answers when you ask these youth why they want to go into politics? The obvious thing as we all know is for the fact that, the easiest way to get rich in our part of the continent is to enter politics.

So, if this is the thinking of the masses in society, how can we have good leaders? How can we have people with so much vision to turn the fortunes of our country into good? How can we have people who will provide enabling environment for the growth of the people? How can we then have people to occupy public offices and turn things around to make a positive impact?

How then, can we take the society in which we live in out as been the reflection of the bad leaders we have been appointing to occupy public offices?

As a country, if we truly value progress, the society must begin to speak truth to power, raise ethical leaders who even if know no one is watching them, can take decisions in the best interest of our country.

It is then, that, because society has got better that, we can have good leaders who can occupy both public offices and private ones and make our nation great and strong.


Columnist: Abubakar Saddique Ahmed