Opinions Thu, 20 Jan 2011

Fumbling Food And Drugs Board (FDB)

The food and drugs board of this country (Ghana ) is

not working up to expectation all for the reason that there are most of the

drugs in this country that have not been registered under the food and drugs

board but these drugs are being sold to Ghanaians ( both illiterates and

literates) innocent Ghanaians. When will the FDB wake up to their feet and

rescue innocent Ghanaians from those illicit drugs on the market?

Many reasons contribute to the availability of

illegal drugs on the market with most of the causes and reasons are through the

functions of the food and drugs board. The FDB personnel lack the requisite

skills in their operations, these skills is up to how the personnel carries how

their investigation on illicit trading of drugs and even in their research on

illegal drugs.

The availability of drugs on the market is all

because the FDB is not able to get all the sellers. This is so because of

inadequate techniques by the FDB personnel. Most of the FDB personnel uses

violent means to get the illegal drug sellers instead of employing a more

persuasive means to get to them. Example, I met a FDB personnel who was arguing

with illegal drug seller and at long last he was not able to even arrest or

even advice the drug seller to go and get his drugs registered, this is not

right at all and therefore such personnel need to be given much training on how

to carry out their duties.

The FDB is not doing well in its investigation about

illegal drugs, this is because it has not been able to fish-out the places and

areas where these illegal dugs are produced. The best way to solve a problem is

by solving it from the source and not from its products or results; therefore

the FDB must try and solve the problem of illicit drugs form the source. If the

drugs are importers drugs, the FDB should work in conjunction with the security

agencies and in other institutions that are responsible for the importation of

goods into the country. If the illegal drugs are produced internally, mostly

traditional drugs, the FDB should work in conjunction with the security sectors

to solve these problems.

The solving of illegal dugs on the market must also

be the concern of the public and every Ghanaian in general. The public should

be vigilant in their operations so that any suspicious drugs on the market

should be reported to the right sectors. Every Ghanaian who will come in

contact with any drug must make sure whether the drug is registered with the

FDB or no before buying that particular drug.

The FDB must stand up to their feet save peoples


Lamptey Alfred



Columnist: Lamptey, Alfred