Funeral Planning Committee Deserve Ghanaian Nation's Gratitude

Mon, 13 Aug 2012 Source: Thompson, Kofi

Members of President Mills' Funeral Planning Committee Deserve Ghanaian Nation's Gratitude

By Kofi Thompson

Our departed leader, the late President Mills, who was mourned universally in Ghana, was given a funeral befitting his status as head of state and commander-in-chief of Ghana's armed forces.

Those responsible for the planning of his sending-off, deserve the gratitude of our nation and all Ghanaians.

They planned and executed perfectly, the series of events that led up to the climax of the week's official mourning period for President Mills - the interment of his mortal remains at the Asomdwee Park.

Although in a sense we were in unchattered waters, each event, executed with military precision, went smoothly without a hitch.

Pictures of those events beamed to the world by television cameras and available on the internet - the lying-in-state of the President at the banqueting hall of the State House; the funeral service for him at the Independence Square; the late President's flag-draped coffin on a gun-carriage being driven through some of the principal streets of Accra - showed the international community that Ghana is a modern and well-ordered African nation-state: that indeed deserves its global reputation as a stable and peaceful democracy, which is a beacon of hope in the continent.

Ghanaians are grateful to each one of those individuals, who when called upon by the nation to honour our late leader, President Mills, at such a tragic and unexpected moment in our history, rose to the occasion and made our nation proud with the dignified send-off they gave him.

We must say ayeeko to President Mills' Funeral Planning Committee - and salute each and every one of its membership. Ghana enyinaa, eni nabusuafuo eyinaa, edamu ase papaapa!

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Columnist: Thompson, Kofi