GES, The Alleged Sexual Abuse Is Getting To Much

Thu, 10 Jul 2014 Source: Ali, Prince Justice

In The Sissala East District.

My Brothers and Sisters, my attention have been drawn again to a publication on sexual harassment titled ''the Truth on Sex Sage Stories in the Sissala East District is Gradually been Confirmed'' on several online news sites (ghanaweb.com, spyghana.com, modernghana.com etc) in which the author described as a ''cankerous rot in the basic level''. I'm very ashamed and downhearted that my own community Kulfuo/Tarsor is named in this Shameful act.

In fact, the continuous abstract principle of immorality is the cause of prevalence of injustice in our societies. The current pitiable and aching sexual harassment being executed by staff in the second cycle institutions and painful at the basic level in our District, Sissala East is utmost abject and very abscess that could abort the female students life.

Gravely, I have abhorrent to that ungodly act. I consider the act as divvy and highly barbaric. What do we do to curb this catastrophic syndrome sexual scandals in our societies or better the immoral staff abstinence or abstemious from their high libido illicit sexual habit. My only worry is that the set-up committee might do silhouette or gloomy investigation to cover-up the credulous or naïve guilty parties for them to go scout free.

What baffles my sincere imagination and contradicts my reasoning is since when are offenders being asked to judge their own cases or when do students turn to be their own examiners? Better still when do candidates allow to choose their own examiners?

With these, I observed keenly and strongly believe that with what I have been hearing and have read the committee set- up to investigate will not be able to determine the uprightness of the incalculable or unthinkable sad sexual scandals in order to bring the perpetrators to book. Let me quickly add that, I'm not necessarily doubting that God will do the best for us but I'm wondering how painful the best will turn out to be. Hope if that happens with objectivity and intellectuality your guess is good as mine.

Sad in pains, the alleged guilty parties have far misdirected their wrongdoing emotional bank accounts to accuse any persons who commented on their ungodly, evil, shameful and dastardly act as being behind exposing their terrible rots. If I may ask why such red herring?. If the accused persons aren't totally guilty of their childish and insolent 'crime' why will they figure point and accuse people who they claim exposed their devilish deeds instead of challenging the report with concrete and reliable evidence?

Without prejudice, I ask to be told what measures are put in place to get the perpetrators to book without them absconds from punishment? Sometimes it takes a painful experience to make us change our ways. The only key or instrumental tool to restrict this pathetic and dreadful stories is severe retribution or chastisement put to the culprits to a standard behaviour based on probity, discipline, dignity and moral uprightness.

My Brothers and Sisters, Countrymen and Women, with all due respect, everybody know how painful it is for you to spend some gargantuan sum of money into your girl-child education hoping for her to the breadwinner of the family one day and just for you to realise that she has turned into bed-mate and sex machine to a teacher/headteacher. This teacher/headteacher is excepted by the parents to teach, train, guide, protected and save the girl from sexual exploitation. Unfortunately, the teacher/headteacher is committing this abnormal and odd crimes at a worst rate. I hold the view that with meticulous investigation and without compromising with the findings the committee should be to resolve this issue amicably without further destroying the Girl-Child education.

Once again, my Brothers and Sisters, Countrymen and Women, I say this because immorality destroys and although opinions may alter, manners change, creeds rise and fall, the moral law is written on the tablets of eternity. I rest my case, what do I know, may the Creator of all Creations (Allah) guide us all. I sincerely invite objective and intellectual discourse to subject the alleged culprits to prove their innocent as well to curtail this idiotic and abscess situation.

Insha Allah you will hear from me tomorrow.

Written by Prince Justice Ali: The Sentimental Advocate For Development and Director of Communications of Young Democrats Sissala East Constituency.

Cell: 0204803328.

Columnist: Ali, Prince Justice