If it had been NDC, Ghana would have been in hell.

Mon, 4 Mar 2013 Source: Bonna, Opoku


This last general election is the third time NPP has officially complained bitterly about their verdict been stolen by the NDC in Ghana. But in all, they have been very reasonable in handling the issue. This time they have taking the matter very seriously. They have realised that if they do not apply proper mechanism to stop the Ghana Electoral Commission more especially the Commissioner – Dr Afari Gyan, from being in bed with the NDC, the NPP would remain in opposition for a very long time. Therefore, they (NPP) have referred the matter to the Ghana Supreme Court. The Electoral Commission (EC) has so far complied with the Supreme Court order asking it to furnish NPP (petitioners) challenging the declaration of Mr John Dramani Mahama as President in the December 7 and 8, 2012 general elections, with details of the registration exercise it carried out abroad.

However, details are emerging about the figures submitted, as the total number of Ghanaians registered abroad is believed to be far lower than the figures the commission included in the declaration of the results of the general election. So far, the EC said 705 Ghanaians registered in Ghanaian missions abroad where registration took place, whereas the Commission quoted that over 241,000 people were registered. This included diplomatic staff, security persons on peace mission, students on Ghana government scholarships and Ghanaians serving with international bodies.

The EC, in its answers to the petitioners, indicated that even though it had announced initial provisional figures of 13,917,366, after the registration of Ghanaians abroad, it arrived at 14,158,890 voters; a difference of 241,524 registered voters. The commission said this rather affected the voter turnout by increasing it to 80.15 per cent from79.43 per cent. Why and how can the EC come again to tell Ghanaians and the Supreme Court that the 14,158,890 has now changed to be only 705? This is above Ghanaians imaginations. Therefore the question every concerned Ghanaian is asking is: “are Dr Afari Gyan and John Mahama smarter than everyone in Ghana?

The EC has also submitted that over 200,000 votes from categories of voters registered abroad were included in the final results of the election. President Manama, as 2nd respondent, also affirmed what the EC had submitted in its response when he filed his answers. This seems to be very funny. Ghanaians are demanding the EC to file another document detailing the names, addresses and places of registration of those registered abroad.

In the documents sighted by Daily Guide newspaper, the EC filed that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs presented to them a list totaling 2,350 as members of staff serving missions abroad but the commission 'captured' only 705 of the number submitted between September and October 2012. This is a clear indication that the last general election was rigged for John Mahama and the NDC by the EC based on these funny stories. There is no doubt, the figures presented by the EC reflected on the general outcome of the last election. Ghanaians want the truth to soon come out.

Meanwhile, Nana Akuffo – Addo and the NPP have been very reasonable in handling this issue. They have considered the many people who may lose their lives, and many who may turn to be refugees in other nations because of war. Ghanaians thank the Almighty God for Nana Akuffo –Addo and the NPP for thinking very far and deep to allow the Supreme Court to determine who actually won the 2012 general election. On the other hand, if it had been the NDC, the result would have been very different. Ghana would have been in hell by now. We all saw what happened in 2008 general election when NDC led by Prof Mills took a slight lead over Nana Akuffo-Addo and the NPP after the third round. The NDC organised some tugs led by its general secretary to besiege the EC’s office and its surroundings to declare Prof Mills winner of the elections or else turn Ghana into Kenya. Ghanaians are not fools. If you ask every 100 adults in the street of Ghana who they voted for? You would be amazed to notice that 68 out of every 100 casted their vote for Nana Akuffo Addo. Ghanaians want free quality education. Ghanaians want better electricity supply, Ghanaians want better water supply, Ghanaians want cheaper and affordable gas and fuel, and more employment opportunities. Ghanaians don’t want their year 4 and year 3 SHS students sitting for the same examination to fight for the same place at the universities. Can Afari Gyan and the EC change the destiny of Ghana?

Opoku Bonna



Columnist: Bonna, Opoku