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The bloody wednesday and matters arising

The bloody wednesday and matters arising

Mon, 8 Jun 2015 Source: Azindoo, Abubakar Mohammed Marzuq

It was horrific news and sight; human souls were truncated in the most pitiable state; bodies were reduced to ashes, and vehicles to scraps. Shelter seekers rather ran to the shackles of death. That was the flood-cum-inferno that hit the Ghanaian Capital City of Accra on Wednesday. It was, indeed, a tragedy of unspeakable proportion!

Among the victims of the unprecedented torrential disaster were the old and the young, the rich and the poor, the knowledgeable and the ignorant, the strong and the weak. Yes! People of various classes, supporters of various political parties, professionals of various fields were consumed by a shocking amalgamation of flame and rain. That was why the nation became united by a common grief!

Many writers and analysts have commentated on the catastrophe from the angles of their expertise. My own brother, Alhassan Rabiu, has provoked thoughts on the disaster from the perspective of Development Studies. While this gentleman and others have provided balanced analyses and generated an avalanche of critical opinions on the issue, some political bigots from the various political parties still find it a fertile ground to embark on jaundiced reasoning and cheap propaganda. Certainly, the aim of these political zealots is to please their paymasters and throw dust into the eyes of us Ghanaians, even as we mourn the lost ones in the most bizarre circumstance.

It is for this reason that I humbly call on fellow Ghanaians to remain united in the face of this horror. Surely, it is painful, but it reminds us of the values of fellow feeling, unity in diversity, respect for human dignity, and love for humanity. This is not to say that the government, the opposition, and the civil society should be mute and shirk their responsibilities in the name of unity. Not at all! It is rather to emphasize the wisdom that the best solution could simply be found in a state of solidarity and unity.

May the Lord have mercy on the departed, heal the injured, and prevent the recurrence of the disaster of alarming magnitude.

By Abubakar Mohammed Marzuq Azindoo, Coordinator of Students and University Relations, University of Applied Management (UAM), Germany – Ghana Campus, McCarthy Hill, Accra and Tamale

Email: azindoo200@gmail.com Tell: 0244755402

Columnist: Azindoo, Abubakar Mohammed Marzuq