Response to Derrick Obeng Mensah by NPP Constituency Executives in Berekum West


Thu, 20 Aug 2020 Source: Franklin Osei-Antwi

The attention of the Berekum West Constituency Executive Committee of NPP has been drawn to unfounded comments made by one Derrick Obeng Mensah on Onua FM's programme termed “Ghana Dadwene” on Sunday 16th of August, 2020 and a subsequent publication on Ghanaweb on Monday 17th of August, 2020. I state here that, these comments are non-veridical and do not represent the reality in Berekum West.

His comments are borne out of imagination, unsubstantiated and delusory. He is only being inventive, creating and framing false and imagined stories. His comments should therefore be unheeded to and should be totally disregarded.

What are the facts?

- Roads

Kwaku Agyenim Boateng (MP) through the NPP government has already graded all existing and access roads in Berekum West and by extension has also graded and reshaped all roads leading to farming areas. Jinijini to Ayimom Road, Jinijini to Nsapor Road, Tewbabi to Koraso Road, Roads in Ayimom, Access Roads in Jinijini, Roads in Adom, Nsapor Fetentaa and others have all been put into good shape. The MP’s intention of grading and reshaping all the access roads in Berekum West is of the background that he has secured a 43 kilometre road construction for the constituency.

The only road that could not be touched during the grading and the reshaping of the access roads was the Jamdede-Koraso road; owing to the fact that the road was under contract under the previous NDC administration where public funds could not be spent on the road the government was already paying for. By the timely intervention of the MP, the Jamdede-Koraso road and all other access roads will soon be put to shape. Obeng Mensah did not know what he was talking about.

- Party Office

The party office has remained opened and functional since this administration took over. Derrick Obeng Mensah accused the constituency chairman of using the post office as the party office. This clearly shows that he (Derrick Obeng Mensah) is clueless, not on the ground and knows by far nothing about Berekum West constituency. The constituency chairman is the NADMO Director for Berekum West District. The NADMO office is in the premises of the post office.

- Nomination forms

Derrick Obeng Mensah came to the party office to pick forms, in course of our engagement with him; he started ruining curses on the Parliamentary Election Committee. Upon the committee's request to know which constituency he belongs as a party member from, his party card and voter ID card indicated Berekum East as his constituency. Since he had not been cooperative he was referred to the Regional Secretariat. From our checks he failed to contact the Regional Secretariat.

-Fake Achievements of Derrick Obeng Mensah

Derrick Obeng Mensah has claimed that he has constructed roads in Berekum West constituency. The question is where are these roads? He also claimed to have employed several people. Who and where are these employees?

Through other mediums he has also proclaimed that he has established a zoo in Berekum West, where in Berekum West can the zoo be located and his purported Nursing Training School is located?

The people of Berekum West do not take Derrick Obeng Mensah seriously. His lies are unguided. His immoral comments are noted from his first line whenever he begins to speak. Berekum West is too well above such indiscipline and immature people who suffer from hallucination and delusion. He as a person has not been able to come to good terms with his own self, how then can he be able to better the lives of Berekum West.

Franklin Osei-Antwi

Constituency Secretary

NPP, Berekum West

Columnist: Franklin Osei-Antwi
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