Opinions Wed, 28 Mar 2007

GHANA: Rapid Pace of Developmeresh from Ghana

I arrived from Ghana on Sunday, 25 March 2007. I must say that Ghana is transforming, Ghana is changing... , the Accra today will be different from Accra you'll see in three months' time or even in December. It is exciting to see your country breaking out into the ranks of the South-east Asian countries towards a "developed country" status.

The biggest Shopping Mall in Africa (outside Cape Town) is to be open in Accra shortly; it is almost completed. I visited the site. This is comparable to shopping centres in the USA. Holiday Inn hotel will be open in June; the Hilton hotel very soon. Hotels in Accra are full...........Several Airlines are now flying to Ghana; the latest include Delta Airlines (6 times a week); Air Maroc (3 times a week). A number of business delegations are flocking into Ghana; these include those from Korea rep., China, India, Malaysia, America, Japan, Europe and South Africa. The Ghana economy is, indeed, once again breathing....!!!

Given continuity of policies, in 5 years, Ghana will be like Singapore or any of the emerging economies. God Bless Ghana!!! Let's pray for continuity of policies after the 2008 elections!!! because we don't want to go backwards. Former President Nkrumah stated "Forward ever, backward never...". In Ghana today, people talk of Nkrumah and Kuffour as having made infrastructural development, brought free education, sickness insurance, etc. for the benefit of Ghanaians. Now there are street lights in Accra, making Accra look beautiful at night. Several fly-overs in Accra are nearing completion... What an exciting moment to be in Ghana to see this amazing transformation into a "developed country" status!!!! God Bless Ghana!!!

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Columnist: Yeboah, Dickson