GIIF and Jospong’s attempt to hide their marriage rather shambolic

Wed, 12 Dec 2018 Source: Fadi Dabbousi

It is quite unfortunate that nation wreckers who get exposed for their thieving maneuvers misconstrue information or warning written in simple English.

Unfortunately, the Doctor is no more a Doctor, and an honourable no more honourable, and a business man no longer a business man. They become naked thieves when in an instance of mere reprisal or warning they lose focus, and begin to run into one another as they scurry about helter-skelter like headless chicken! When articles are posted without names just to defame people, you better know that the infidels and cowards are doing the bid of thieves for the few coins they have collected to satisfy their bellies.

Nowhere did I, Fadi Dabbousi, state in my previous article on the GIIF/Jospong suspected marriage of convenience that there was a contract between the two. So the fact that these two would push people to explain their positions in a confused manner is an indication that they are doing something wrong. I said and indicated that Jospong wants to establish compost plants in all the regions and that was laudable, which I agreed with except to say that Joseph Siaw Agyepong better source his funding elsewhere than try to corrupt the minds of otherwise honourable people to dip their hands into the national coffers.

We know, and it is no news to me, at least, that GIIF and Jospong have had discussions in this regard, which I was warning against implementation of the proposals in question. But for an alleged quack like Jospong to want to fight against his disgraceful reputation by hiring jaundiced journalists to write their low life idiocy in inconclusive pieces of gibberish makes the stomach churn and turn! But they will burn!

At the beginning of my said article, I stated that I had great respect for the chairman of GIIF, Professor Ameyaw Akumfi. However, to be engaged in an unprofessional counter as that which featured in the Observer Newspaper of 11/12/2018, is unfortunate. For the benefit of the doubt I shall maintain my decorum towards this man with the hope that he does not provide me with the opportunity to take him to the cleaners with further elaboration of some issues regarding his institution.

I shall let sleeping dogs lie for now, but Jospong’s toothlessness and untamed foolishness will continue to be a subject of my exposés. I will warn him again not to come close to the nation’s coffers. This is not the government of thieves, and any such person caught pants down will be sodomised by the wand of justice, just as continues to make manifest up the rotten arse of Jospong!

Beware because #ThievesWillBeExposed

Columnist: Fadi Dabbousi