Dumsor dampens Independence mood?

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Thu, 5 Mar 2015 Source: Kaymu.com.gh

Ghana will be fifty-eight years on Friday. Cue marching bands, pomp and pageantry. The usual parade will happen and be aired on national television and radio for all who could not be at the Independence Square to be partakers of the ceremony.

Despite some preparations being made to help celebrate the day as has usually been done, the general good mood that seems to go with the Independence Day holiday is tangibly absent.

It may just be the constant drudgery to survive while the country’s economy seems to plummet or it may be the knowledge that after said constant drudgery, electricity is not promised you (whether you have paid for it or not!).

Not having electricity seems to be topmost on most people’s minds recently though. And not surprisingly, this is quite understandable.

Based on word on the street, we seem to have gone back in time to the days where bags are snatched from cars, and people are robbed at knife-point. Coincidentally, these seem to happen where the streets are darkest. That seems to be everywhere nowadays. People are constantly looking for ways and means to power their homes and gadgets.

For the most part, people are finding solace in the use of generators and power inverters. While the generators run on fuel, the inverters produce electricity by converting a direct current into an alternating current. What this basically means is that, the inverter works as a battery which is charged which then turns the store of energy which it has into electricity for use.

Neither one of these appliances is that hard to obtain now. What makes it amazing is that online shops like Kaymu Ghana stock them and can deliver to you wherever you are in the country.

Do yourself a favour and get one while we wait for our leaders to fix the power crisis. One thing is for sure though; everyone is looking forward to the rest that the holiday and following weekend will bring. Hopefully, we will be granted a reprieve from the ‘dumsor’ that has us in its grips.

Happy Independence Day, people. God bless us all.

Columnist: Kaymu.com.gh