Gang rape and the scramble to blame a heavenly prophecy

Fri, 22 Dec 2017 Source: Fadi Dabbousi

Folks, when torment visits a people, they are first made mad or afflicted with an inexplicable syndrome that levelheaded people call social delinquency. From the behaviour of some learned fools, this statement can be argued to be a strong proof of mental complex; a blend of schizophrenia, hallucination, delusion, and neurosis.

You don’t have to be walking naked on the streets to be mad, but many scenarios can be adduced to ascertain that. For example, transporting a bunch of madmen from one sanitarium to another between two different cities by air, the clamour in the cabin was more than the captain of the DC3 could bear. He peeped into the chaos and noticed one quiet person in the midst of the rambunctious lot.

So he took him by the hand into the cockpit and slammed the door shut behind them. The quiet madman was asked why he was not as noisy as the rest. He claimed that he wasn’t mad, but rather a victim of societal confusion. He sounded sane, so the Captain told him that if he would make the rest all shut up, then upon arrival, a recommendation would be made that his condition be reevaluated and released.

Lo and behold, within five minutes, the plane was as quiet and sturdy as the calm before the storm. When the man returned to the cockpit of the DC3, an old unpressurised aircraft, the amazed Captain asked how he did it. It turned out that the quiet man was madder than all the others because he opened the door and told his mates to step outside if they wanted to play….and they all did!

So I am not surprised by the utterances of normal looking psychopaths. Joseph Yamin, for the yearning to be recognised as a human being sought to blame the FREE SHS for the gang rape of a young lady. You would hardly be surprised when you realise that the dishonest former President John Mahama is sponsoring this blubber of lard to become NDC’s Ashanti Regional Chairman. So what kind of opinion can be deduced from the foolishness of a dirty lot who can hardly say anything better than the incoherence of empty discourse?

Jospeh Yamin, the man who does not know his father would have the audacity to desecrate a heavenly policy as the FREE SHS that has the propensity to help many unfortunate children including the fatherless so that they do not grow to become numbskulls as he is. That is what I mean when I refer to "educated fools". Does he want Ghanaian children to become delinquent like him? Chai tofiakwa, GOD forbid. Such a calamity will not afflict us! I pray so in ALLAH’s name! Ameen!

The FREE SHS has come to stay, and as in every good initiative, challenges will pop up. They will be dealt with as we lurch along the track of progress until we become perfect and the road becomes smooth. But such enemies of progress and enemies of GOD will never prosper in their mindset of destroying all that the President, H.E. Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, has chalked thus far; feats far more significant than the scanty evidence of a rather loud 27 year empty legacy of the thieves in the NDC.

Ghanaians suppurated under the extremity of a non-thinking blank-minded John Mahama, who was persistently high on weed and alcohol (cognac is now called “John Mahama”). He has sponsored all the futile efforts by his mongers and naysayers to shoot down and destroy Akufo-Addo’s divine prophecies. I have always opined that this man was sent by a heavenly decree, so all the machinations of the evil NDC, Jospeh Yammin, and his brainless frats of the NDC swinery, including a few of our own, will be shot down, in shaa ALLAH, by a heavenly decree, too.

I am baffled that some of our own, for a parochial interest of implementing an agenda, will walk with the NDC to disturb the smooth governance of the President. Fortunately, we all understand that when GOD is with you, those against you can never succeed in stalling your good deeds.

Nana Akufo-Addo, Nyame nka woho wate! GOD be with you! FREE SHS is here to stay. The results of this heavenly ordinance will soon make manifest in the ever-dwindling fortunes of the NDC, as we search for a better opposition in another party! And of course they would claim that this article is one of sycophancy.

Because of their instability, they can never understand that I, Fadi Dabbousi, am staunchly supportive of initiatives that would help heal us in this country. What is worse is that the NDC ingrates are themselves benefitting from the FREE SHS, and other developmental policies initiated and implemented by Akufo-Addo irrespective of the disappointment they feel with their party for not achieving so much in 27 years.


Columnist: Fadi Dabbousi