Opinions Sun, 1 Jul 2012

General Aviation Airports Economic Development Engines ....

.... For Ghana’s Regional and District Development

Ghana’s aviation industry can be a dynamic and exciting blend of people and airplanes and ground support equipment and services. It can expand to create new businesses and jobs opportunities and economic impacts while constantly adjusting to meet perceived demands for air transportation service. The industry can provide air transportation service to all corners of the country. Air transportation offers one advantage over any other form of transportation available today. It is faster and safer if done properly. The secret of the aviation industry’s success is speed. The amount of prestige associated with air travel, and the ability to meet deadlines and increase productivity, can make air transportation indispensable in business and government.

Convenience and speed at an acceptable cost can make air transportation attractive to the general public as well, offering ready access to remote areas that are difficult to reach. Air Travel can be feasible for a long weekend by professionals from virtually anywhere in the in the country. Aviation assets can be used to fight and prevent crime, medical transport, crop dusting and mosquito eradication etc Business and industry are the backbone of civil aviation. Time is money, and air travel is a means to expand sales; to reach out to new markets; to take advantage of distant suppliers; to participate in mutually beneficial ventures with other companies. To progressive entrepreneurs, air travel is not a luxury, it is essential.

Ghana Airport Company Limited and Ministry of Transportation should expand on their plans to have airports in all the regional capitals to include General Aviation Airport facilities for the districts capitals with supporting infrastructure to promote sound economic developments. Public airports in Ghana can be owned in Public-Private- Partnership in various forms.

Success of airports in Ghana will translate into increased revenue. More revenue means more and better services. Better services yield increased user demand. Demand can be enhanced by aggressive ‘product’ marketing. The most successful airports are those who aggressively solicit business by offering incentives.

Ghanaians should demand from leaders irrespective of political affiliations, to provide a plan on the above subject matter and hold them to it. The success of aviation in Ghana is meaningless unless it is linked to the total libration of West Africa and Africa’s economies.

By Joe Klatsi, Aircraft Maintenance &Aerospace Engineer

Columnist: Klatsi, Joe