Letter to Mr. Prez

Mon, 8 Oct 2012 Source: Maxfred, Osagyefo Kwaw Attiah

10 BP 1028 Abj 10 Dear Mr. President, I write on behalf of the poor Ghanaian people living in Cote d’Iviore. We are fine as at the time of joining our last English grammars together to form this missive to your Excellency. How are the Asomdwe people, and the better Ghana Agenda?

In some months back tears were forced to roll down our cheeks, but we managed to wipe it off before it get down to our chests, because one ugly looking radio cried to our ears that the Asomdwehene is passed away.

Mr. President, the truth is that silently some people were rejoicing here upon swearing you in as the President of Ghana because your name DRAMANI seems you a brother to the president of Cote d’Iviore who is also called DRAMANI and that the wrangling between the two countries shall come to an end.

Mr. president, Our nerves were calmed down a bit when you visited Cote d’Ivoire last month and assured us and the people of Cote d’Iviore that you will see to it that all the little wrangling are solved, but rather it moved high and higher. The same month you left this country witnessed attacks in Grand Bassam, Agboville, Dabou, Abenguro, of which majority of the habitats are Ghanaians. Thereafter, there had been attacks at the Noe – Ellubo border leading to the closure of the border almost three weeks now which we don’t see any sign of relieve.

Your Excellency I don’t want to tell you what this closure affect the Ghanaian national purse because your controllers of the economy shall brief you latter, but I can say with authority those that none of your paid are willing to tell you, a boat capsized in the sea near a village called Mohame on October 5, with students wishing to cross to Ghana for schools. A nurse returning to Ghana from a funeral here, being in a rush report to the ward in Ghana was raped and returned to Abidjan, and who knows what’s next. Many traders have lost their work and capital especially with traders with perishable goods and timed products.

Now the million questions is Mr. President, what are you doing about this? And When?And how fast?

The most ugly part is that after all this news readers add that the assailant and the suspects are based in Ghana and breed by the Government of Ghana, and their next actions are to turn their anger to the Ghanaian citizens here, Now every nine o’clock in the evening (21h00m) if you get out of your house without an identity card you will be locked until the next morning and if you are a Ghanaian even with an identity card, still you will be locked until further interrogation in the next day before you can be free.

Your Excellency, if I will not be condemned as a prophet of doom, I can predict that in the next two months no known Ghanaian with only Ghanaian citizenship based here can walk out of his house or community and come back safely. Because we seem to be the sole target since our government has been somehow mute about this whole problem. If I am correct you were coated saying in the African Watch that you crossed your father sometime back to the cote d’iviore, that shows how each country should work towards the peace of the other because it might be your cornerstone. So we plead on your high office to use your high negotiable skills and diplomatic experience to save the people you wish to get their mandate.

I shall cease this opportunity to congratulate you on being theflag bearer of the NDC, and plead to respect your promise of a free and fair election and accept the results as they may be.

Yours OsagyefoKwawAttiahMaxfred osagyefoforjomoro@gmail.com +225 66 95 76 86/+225 03 68 19 61 +233 54 11 22 233/ +233 27 11 22 233

Columnist: Maxfred, Osagyefo Kwaw Attiah