With or Without Mills as Leader, NDC Remains a ...

Mon, 8 Oct 2012 Source: Damoa, Adreba Kwaku Abrefa

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... One Term in Office Party

Two truths are told by NDC founder Jerry Boom Boom Rawlings as swelling acts to the December election theme but as to whether they are happy prologues to boost the morale of the ruling NDC’s aspiration to retain governing power or they are portentous truths that bring about misery and disappointment remain to be analysed. ‘The Old Major’, Jerry Boom could no longer hold his tongue but spill the beans to near accuracy but for the fact that probably out of courtesy and respect for his Party’s Presidential candidate, he fell short of telling ‘Good luck’ John Mahama that he was too corrupt to lead Ghana for another 4 year-term. It is now clearly manifest to all concerned and patriotic Ghanaians that putting NDC in power at the 2008 elections was Ghanaians’ biggest misadventure; something they have lived to regret even by the Party’s own founder who from the onset blasted them as Greedy Bastards. Having realised the disastrous nature of the adventure sought, the John Mills Presidency lost its envisaged candour and was reduced to a one term President whose leadership beyond 1461 days in office would no longer be tolerated. Today, Rawlings tells them they are the same ‘old evil dwarfs’, meaning, nothing has changed and nothing can change under John Mahama.

Boil it or roast it, the accursed piece of yam would burn beyond eating; so be it. The Mills-Mahama administration was doomed to last for one and only one term, therefore be it by divine intervention or whatever ‘vention’ that caused John Mills to be immolated as John Rawlings may have construed it, the NDC’s position remains the same. The ecstatic NDC crowd that would lose confidence without the presence of Mr Rawlings but who felt his presence at Ho on Thursday had no time to open their mind and listen carefully to what anyone says let alone what he says so they always mishear him and interpret him differently. The NDC without Rawlings is always spiritless and crestfallen yet I am afraid that is bound to befall them either with or without their only hopeful crowd-pulling image because Ghanaians have now known the difference between the performance of a serious Party like the NPP in government and that of propaganda riddled NDC even with Rawlings. A lesson must now have been learnt by the Fantis whose ‘precious jewel’ has been so callously sacrificed to the gods of the underworld for the sake of reanimating a dying NDC Party.

How on earth do ‘good’ Ghanaians think John Mahama can be any different from his colleagues around him? Was he not trained from the very same stock that trained all of them? To the knowledge of all ‘good’ Ghanaians, probably including Mr Rawlings, John Mahama as Ghana’s President is not only embroiled in dirty-handed dealings as an NDC high profile member, he is so much soaked and saturated with corruption that his ‘colour’ is nothing different from those of the ‘same old dwarfs’ with sharp incisor teeth that Rawlings said to the applause of a crazily ecstatic NDC crowd. So assimilated and corruptly accultured is he that he can hardly identify his own kind as Rawlings enjoins him to do.

Is Mr Rawlings telling Ghanaians that he doesn’t know and he hasn’t heard about what is pervading throughout Ghana about John Mahama whom he even refuses to acknowledge in his address as his President like all other Ghanaians? Would John Rawlings have spared John Mahama and his brothers if Mahama had been President in 1979 when he murdered Col. Roger Feli for allegedly using his authority to borrow ?50,000 from a bank as a repayable loan within the bank’s terms and conditions of borrowing applicable to every borrower? How could a man like John Mahama be exempt from a bunch of greedy bastards groomed from (P)NDC and maturing under John Mills into the ‘same old evil dwarfs’ in a Mahama regime in the eyes of Rawlings? Or is he regretting his past misdeeds and injustice of the killing fields meted on others in the yesteryears, the corruption, social injustice, the divisive, ethnocentric and tribal hatred he has boldly come to strengthen under various radical revolutionary slogans and ideologies rather than weakening them?

Enough is enough for 1,461 days of majority of Ghanaians’ time and life wasted under NDC mal-administration. Enough is enough for all the copycat propaganda promises played on Ghanaians by mediocre-minded NDC since January 2009 that can never be fulfilled irrespective of how long they would want to stay in office. Enough is enough for NDC high profile naked robbery and theft of State property under the protégé of ex-President Mills’ dictum of indiscretion. Enough is enough for State control and use of State Security Agencies in brutalities meted on various sections of Ghanaians for the crime of being non-NDC members. So, enough is enough, Ghanaians have had enough.

NDC boasts of the good works initiated by John Mills for which reason they must be given another 4 years mandate that they may continue to completion. They woefully forget that John Mills himself was by virtue of his clue-less leadership profile declared a non-starter so he couldn’t have lasted beyond one term in office. This is why Rawlings claims Mills’ death was a divine intervention to save NDC from disaster of losing the elections and indeed Ben Ephson, a Mills-man and Fanti solidarity advocate in the Mills era and Ghana’s so-called psephologist dreaded NDC loss under Mills’ leadership had he been alive. Every reasonable Ghanaian is aware of John Mill’s wretched leadership whiles he was encircled with propagandists who remain in place even after him. It is therefore only the pessimistic-thinking, the negative-thinking, the mediocre-thinking, the evil may occur-thinking, the obscurantist-thinking, the selfish-thinking and all those sorts of retrogressive-thinking elements who see the NDC as deserving praises and approbation rather than blame for Ghana’s plight as it stands today.

Looking at NDC performance in office, it is so lamentable that there can be no fitting vocabulary to describe it, the worse of it all being their vehement opposition the NPP’s Free Education for all Ghanaians that has absorbed everybody’s attention, unctioning and lavishing admiration for Nana Addo. The saddest part of it all is the fact that the people who shout most against it as an abomination are the self-same those who have benefited from free education up to university and even beyond. Majority of Ghanaians know from now the nature of people NDC-thinking minds are, such that they do not deserve any chance to govern Ghana. If Ghanaians are in a quandary about who the same ‘old dwarfs’ are, at least I know one of them to be Asiedu Nkatia whose sharp teeth have made serious infectious bite into John Rawlings’s pride and dignity and reduced him to rubble in the eyes of many, hence his deserving Jerry’s vindictive response. For a parting note, no amount of prayers or witchery can save the NDC from falling; what they need is the viaticum however, the NPP needs not to gloat and bask in NDC failures but to work still harder to give them the final coup de grâce that they require.

Adreba Kwaku Abrefa Damoa, (London UK)

Columnist: Damoa, Adreba Kwaku Abrefa