George Floyd dies to unite African-Americans with the 'white US!'

George Floyd Artwork A photo of the late George Floyd

Sat, 6 Jun 2020 Source: Emmanuel Graham Nyameke

“I can’t Breathe” was the last words that struggled to come out of a dying throat. One of the officers assisted in the death of George Floyd. The incidence is “an unauthorized assisted suicide.”

Pressing George Floyd’s neck with his knee, that officer and those officers who were guarding the action of their fellow looked on for that inhumane act to be accomplished. Thank God this time around the law didn’t favour the “Whiteman.”

George, May you Rest In Peace! George, I wanna let you know that you’ve fought a good fight and you’re making a whole throng of Blacks in the Western world “gain some human acceptance.” “Blacks Lives Matter” is on cart boards not in the hands of Blacks only but in the hands of Whites as well.

Blacks Lives Matter is the news everywhere. The Holy Father, the Pope, Francis has condemned the act and has called for human equality. The whole world is joining some US people in the fight for Blacks Lives on other lands other than Africa. This is what Martin Luther King Jr wanted and George Floyd’s death has awakened the “Freedom for All irrespective of colour, and where one finds her/himself.”

Today, the inscription “Blacks Lives Matter” is boldly written on the Main Street leading to the Whitehouse.

The reawakening of the sense of care for human lives and that of Blacks have been triggered again this time around with the Officer’s knee choking George’s throat while the other officers were “on the watch.”

There are no different kinds of human beings- there is only one human being, that is a being capable of feeling what you feel, suffers the pain you inflict on him if it were done to you.

Blacks Lives Matter- respect human Lives.

Columnist: Emmanuel Graham Nyameke