Such shameful behaviour must stop!

Sun, 26 Nov 2017 Source: todaygh.com

Sometimes, it is so difficult to understand how some of us behave. Some of our actions are so negative that people wonder whether such behaviours could indeed be exhibited by a right-thinking person.

We on Weekend Today make the above observation because of a story we carried on the front page of Today. The story, which was headlined; “Classrooms turn into toilet” brought to the fore a sad and disturbing spectacle in which for lack of toilets in some households in Ejisu Juaben Municipality, some residents had resorting to using classrooms of Tikrom Municipal Assembly Junior High School (JHS) as places of convenience.

And according to the Headmaster of the school, Mr Asyeman Yeboah, there was the possibility that the school could be closed down, if the residents continued with their uncultured behaviour. That is not all, the headmaster indicated the situation was a worrying one to the teachers many of whom had threatened to stay away from the school because of the stench emanating from the classrooms.

What on earth will cause people to ease themselves in a classroom is something that beats our imagination. We know of people defecating openly at the beaches and in the bushes of newly growing communities, but for the practice to be done in classrooms which are supposed to be spaces for teaching and learning is indeed a sad development.

This, Weekend Today believes, must stop! Thus, we want to use this medium to condemn all those involved in this despicable act. It is animalistic, and we hope those engaged in such primitive act will bow down their heads in shame.

Weekend Today therefore, urges the municipal assembly to set up a task force to be on the lookout and arrest all those found to be engaging in the act. We also want to state that persons arrested for committing such an offence should be dealt with according to the laws of this country.

We should understand that there are laws in this country that regulate our actions, and that it is about time we enforced these laws to stem the tide of such negative practices.

Columnist: todaygh.com