Get vaccinated – not out of fear – but by faith

Vaccines Vaccination against the global pandemic, the Coronvirus is underway

Mon, 8 Mar 2021 Source: Samoa Mensa

A colleague at the workplace called my phone twice, and an SMS followed immediately — because I was unable to answer Miss Gloria's call, though my action was deliberate.

A portion of her text to me, read "I learnt there's a vaccination going on — for today and tomorrow. Have you done yours?"

Normally I would reply her with a text, without calling back. However, with this particular one, I felt a sure urge in my spirit to call her instead, and I did. I knew she was filled with great fear —and wanted to find out from me, if I had succumbed, and allowed myself to be vaccinated so that she would follow suit.

Lo and behold, it was exactly as I thought when I called her. She said, "you are the first who came to mind — to seek your opinion on it — I do not know what to do — I really do fear".

I could not disappoint her than to address the issue as it is and encourage her. Telling her the truth was the best dose she needed from me at that moment. So, after satisfying her confused mind and fearful heart with my comprehensive but calm analysis, in short, my words to her were "as a Christian, I will go for the vaccine, not out of fear, but by faith".

It is obvious that Miss Gloria is not alone — and there are many of her kind out there who are constantly frightened — hence the momentarily need for this Spirit-led piece to satisfy the worry of their hearts so that they will be at peace.

Several meanings have been read into the Corona Virus pandemic by people — especially of the Christian faith.

I am presenting here — not in the position to argue the predictions, knowledge, revelations, divination, wisdom that well-meaning and sound Christians have put together to amount the 'devil' they smell in the cause, spread and eventual stoppage (vaccination) of this pandemic.

Over the years, same has been — and people of the world during different periods in ages were and are vaccinated against season viruses — which include Poliomyelitis, Flu, Yellow Fever, Sars, Ebola etc.

Researchers may not have singled out and shown interest about the short and or long-term effects of these vaccines on the original human formula. As long as the target virus is defeated, to the Scientist and Virologist, medicine has won — and that is what is of concern to men.

However, I am of the view that if due diligence is done, it would come to light that the composition of each of these vaccines has a retrogressive effect on the efficacy of the natural human made-up.

But then, we have been, most of us have survived for decades — devoid of ailments and body malfunctioning — living healthier and stronger day after day.

As a man blessed with supernatural faith, I can say no other than to attribute this good health, ideal body efficiency to the glorious, gracious and golden love of the Supremo — God, thou who art existence.

There may be prophetic coincidences and fulfilment with respect to this Covid-19, from the pulpit. Yeah, sickness, disease and premature death is not the will of God for His children — hence every believer has the right to look at the pandemic with a lens that satisfies him or her.

Vaccination is the act of administering to a person or an animal a vaccine that gives immunity from a disease. The immunity a vaccine gives to a body may be temporal or permanent.

Since we do not know the time limit of these manufactured Covid-19 vaccines — and as we are being advised to still wear nose masks, and observe all social distancing protocols — even after receiving the vaccine, it naturally makes people sense foul in this mass vaccination exercise.

Does this mean, the vaccine is highly inefficient? And what is this vaccination all about? Is there a mystery? Hence this creates room for the ordinary human mind to have its own doubt.

Notwithstanding, must a person of the Christian faith fear? No! — "Not what goes into the mouth defiles a man, but what comes out of the mouth, this defiles a man" — this is what Christ taught His disciples in Matthew 15:11.

If things that enter our bodies make us unclean before God, we would all not be worthy. And if it is our fellow men that we fear, then I tell you that — indeed man can use several other means to poison human lives. How can the consumer be sure of the actual components of packaged foods we buy, and exact formula of other substances like cosmetics and drugs that get in contact with the human body? What about seafood and chicken? — is the ordinary consumer sure of the composition of chemicals used to season and preserve them? — we do not care to find out, because we have faith in the manufacturer, even who is also human as we are.

It is possible for the wickedness of men to do anything within their means against the survival of their fellow men — but unbeknown to us, God protects us all the time. If we can trust our lives in the hand of a manufacturer, who is a mortal, why can't we have faith in God — who lives forever?

Imagine how the world divide (all religions, beliefs, all nations, political opponents, powers) have agreed, come together with an aim of doing something to sustain their world.

Men of different backgrounds begin to speak one common language — only when they want to make a name for themselves — against the will and honour of God. This is exactly what men are doing with Covid-19.

Churches have been held in a tight angle, and they have no other option than to preach vaccination. Lockdowns in nations of the world, which resulted because of Covid-19, affected gatherings and worship — and some preachers — who instead of worrying about denial of fellowship with brethren that these restrictions brought about — but in their minds, are solely, thinking about their economic survival when churches are closed. This is pure faithlessness!

As a human, although I do not fear the vaccine, I have my own doubts too - I just don't trust these voices that are advocating for people to get the vaccines. But this is the truth of my faith! — I am born of the Spirit of God! — and He has not given me a Spirit of fear, but of power. Hence by His power, I have overcome already — and I am victorious.

What is man seeking? Why would their plan be laid to make a person who refuses to take the vaccine be a misfit in the society? Why would the system prevent you from travelling beyond international borders if you do not take the vaccine? Why would Governments decide to lay off public service workers who decide not to take the vaccine? Why would multi-national companies and private enterprises do same? Why would people be denied opportunity to come into contact with other people to trade and sell? After all, if you are vaccinated, what danger or harm can the non-vaccinated cause you? What at all is the wisdom of men looking for?

We, the body of Christ, are not succumbing to pressure to take the vaccine — because of fear of losing our jobs or being economic misfit without the vaccine — but by faith that the dose cannot defile our bodies — because we are born of the Spirit of God.

There is a mystery! — and this vaccination exercise is only a video copy demonstration of what will happen tomorrow — when all men finally come together to make a name for themselves — after the children of God have been raptured.

It is a very dangerous precedence for tomorrow! — those who have eyes will see, those who have ears will hear, and those who are in tune with God's Spirit will feel the danger ahead!

This is just the beginning of what men are going to do! — beware! — and repent from your sins before it's too late.

Rebelling against Covid-19 vaccination is a sign of fear — and that will be a landmark setback of the Christian faith.

Have faith in God! — and take the jab, for you shan't be defiled by it.

Follow Jesus! — and may the Lord be with you!

Columnist: Samoa Mensa
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