Abraham Attah and other matters

Fri, 22 Apr 2016 Source: Tony Afuti Eyram

Inasmuch as I support made-in-Ghana goods and services, I must establish that Kumawood or even Ghallywood movies do not really keep me glued - especially considering the fact that I may have to watch part one, two, three to even part six before I’d be able to fully appreciate the movie.

More annoying is the fact that the next part features about 30 minutes of the previous part. Scripting, editing, graphics amongst others may have been poorly done but our movie marketers put excellent effort to make sure the movie sells.

The grammatical construction of the subtitles are generally poor while there are scenes that are totally unnecessary.

Despite all these and many other flaws of our movie industry, stars, talents and celebrities (both Kumawood and Ghallywood) have emerged and have continuously put Ghana on the international scene.

Getting to the latter part of last year, a movie was made featuring (ace and handsome actor) Idris Elba, Ama K. Abebrese (my celebrity crush), and young and promising actor, Abraham Attah.

It took me two days to watch the movie because I’m not a fan of movies especially when I have to watch it alone. However, the talent and ability that the young Ashiaman boy was endowed with is worth mentioning and commending. But we must ask a few questions:

• What happened to other talents in the movie? For instance, Striker never said a word (or so) but the young man also showed potential.

• Would Agu have become the star that he is now had Beast of No Nation been directed by our Kumasi movie industry?

There are many talents out there who need just a little support from within. Otherwise, apart from the grace of God finding them or some external/foreign help coming from somewhere, we’re likely to lose them.

Many cannot push through the system because of the who-you-know rule and this is very disadvantageous to the progress of the Arts industry.

Look at the Westerners for instance. New stars emerge daily. Some of these stars don’t even have a drop of talent.

Relocating our young and promising actor to Hollywood may not only be his career-saving decision, but also, his life-saving one as well, because before you realise, eyes would start envying the small boy.

We should however not forget the long list of child celebs who’ve fallen because of the sweetness of celebrity life. For example Home Alone star Macaulay Culkin is now nothing near the hope and promise he begun with.

Thank God Tyler James Williams is doing well (at least).

Let’s fast and pray, and hope that our very one beloved Abraham doesn’t fall into the trap set by fame.

Thank you!

Columnist: Tony Afuti Eyram