The Scale of Despondency From Corner To Corner of The Country

Thu, 20 Nov 2014 Source: Akwah, Nana

The Scale of Despondency From Corner To Corner of The Country Is Very, Very Profound

In our country like in many other countries, life has many good things for one to enjoy. The stumbling block is that invariably most of these good things can be acquired only by sacrificing other good things. The majority of the people have known this in their daily lives. On the contrary it is only in the NDC that this simple, convincing fact is more often than not ignored.

The decline of the President and the NDC’s popularity exemplified throughout the country agrees with what has been widely known for several months now.

As a matter of fact, the news of the NDC fall from grace is talked about in the markets, banks, barbershops, supermarkets, and in other diverse places where ordinary people have unscripted and undistorted conversations on the subject of their worsening economic condition and their deplorable living standards.

The scale of despondency from corner to corner of the country is very, very profound. Thousands, predominantly they youths are out of work, many for years, and are in existence due to the goodwill of family who are only marginally at an advantage economically than themselves.

A large segment of the population is marginalized by the NDC and thousands, who have no economic alternatives, constantly check their cell phones with an obsessive-like expectation for a message to confirm that a remittance has been sent by a relative or a friend in the Diaspora to buy food or send their children to school for a few more days.

The statement that more than fifty (50) per cent of Ghanaians says that unemployment is their most urgent difficulty, requires no great leap of mind's eye to get the picture. They see it and feel it every day; the shared disquiet that is the rough and ready effect of high unemployment in the country is there for all to see — except, of course, the blind political mutually supportive clique at Flagstaff House whose noses are securely fastened in the trough.

Even though some of the NDC spin doctors blame poor communication for the precipitous plunge in popularity of the president and the NDC, they seem not to be aware of a single reality. That is, they cannot keep on communicating pie in the sky and achieving the political result of fooling all the people all the time.

A good number of people, notably supporters of the NDC, will at the end of the day believe what they feel in their pockets and see in their dinner plates more than the NDC propaganda.

In spite of the fact that the NDC cabal speaks brilliantly of the net international reserves and the economy being in good shape, the poor are starving and others are dying at the public hospitals as a result of a shortage of qualified and experienced doctors and a crumbling health care system. A very large number are struggling to pay their electric bills, not because of the lack intelligence or common sense but because the majority NDC regime seems preoccupied with four things: kick-backs, propaganda, distortions and untruths.

The public by the thousands are beginning to ask: How can we benefit from all the sacrifices we have made? When will we begin to see improvements in our own personal lives? What has happened to the 1,600,000 jobs that we were told was created, from Samuel Okudjato Ablakwa? What has happened to the one-time NHIS premium promised? And several students are wondering whether they have wasted their time and their parents’ money at the Universities.

Applications are being sent by the hundreds, only to be told that the position has been taken or a freeze on employment. Is this the ‘Better Ghana’ that we were promised? The people are inconsolable for real opportunities, real jobs where they can earn near decent salaries to afford a decent standard of living for themselves and their families. However cronyism and nepotism have poisoned all the institutions, with few if any exceptions.

This type of politics determines who gets what, when and where - the cushy jobs, the best contracts, government favors and the economic and financial connections. The current economic policies being vigorously pursued by the NDC regime are doesn't hold up, in that they have not enabled people to escape their poverty.

The NDC has so far demonstrated little in the way of ability to take the country forward. Its inability to collect garbage in the Capital and across the country, provide decent and timely medical care, provide proper education, offer security and protection for the most vulnerable of its citizens, and create an environment that facilitates the pursuit of happiness, confirms its total failure . If the country is to come out from the haziness in which it finds itself as a result of the NDC, it needs a new government; one that is capable to build and grow the economy, create jobs, reduce crime and corruption, restore hope and confidence among the people and radically change the constitutional arrangements that are in place.

The evidence in public domain speaks for itself. The objective is not only to save the country, but also to save the lives of the men and women who labor very hard every day and who shoulder the cost of the Government.

Each cedi that is spent irresponsibly implies that their lives will be so much more impoverished. On the other hand each cedi saved and spent unselfishly means that their lives will be so much more abundant.

Columnist: Akwah, Nana