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Wed, 20 Jul 2016 Source: Newton-Offei, Justice Abeeku

On the 7th July 11, 2016 edition of ‘joynews@midday’ broadcast an item about Queen Mothers of Greater Accra calling on Hon. Kenney Ohene-Agyapong to render an apology to the EC boss, Mrs. Charlotte Osei, because a remark he has made about the woman debases womanhood.

In the release, the queen mothers said they were going to petition parliament to also sanction him.

Personally, I don’t have a problem with the course of action taken by the queen mothers. But that notwithstanding, Hon. Agyapong made the said allegation against an individual who knows the law, so why is she not seeking redress in the law courts to compel her accuser to provide further and better particulars, if indeed, he has any?

And to my respectable Queen Mothers, were you here in the greater Accra when some youth of your region were instigated by the NDC to literally banish President Kufuor from Accra in the year 2009, as a freshly-exited Commander of our nation’s armed forces?

Suspension of party officials When some officials of NPP were sanctioned with suspension, according to the party's constitution, the hypocrites in our Ghanaian society, spearheaded by NDC liars, claimed the NPP lacks internal democracy, intolerance reigned supreme and the leader, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, is divisive. They claimed politics is about numbers, and that, NPP was driving away its members and therefore not ready for power.

Now, today, the CPP, whose assigns were so vociferous in the chorus over so-called lack of internal democracy in NPP, and that, intolerance reigned supreme in the party when some officials were sanction, through due process, have turned round to fire their General Secretary and National Youth Organizer, for the crime of holding contrary view with their flagbearer, over the Mahama Ford expedition scandalous scandal.

In the case of CPP, I'm yet to hear a whimper from both the media, particularly, and the Ghanaian society, generally, expressing the very uproar expressed over the suspensions in NPP.

The likes of Johnson Asiedu-Nketia persistently drew Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo's name into the suspensions of those NPP officials, and claimed the party was heading for defeat because politics is a game of numbers and therefore it was completely unwise for the party to sanction those officials.

But today, this very Asiedu-Nketia is saying NDC will not waste time trying to woo any of its renegade members, including the former First Lady and wife of the founder of NDC, Her Excellency Nana Konadu Agyemang-Rawlings, because, "it is only in the Bible that when one of your 100 sheeps is missing, you’ll leave the 99 and go searching for the lost one; but in politics, you don't need 99 plus 1 to win elections but rather 50 plus 1".

Indeed, the lesson such shameless shame of duplicity which has engulfed our Ghanaian society, is that, people are simply scared-stiff to criticize NDC because heavy dose of unadulterated verbal flatulence will be unleashed on them by the horde of babies with sharp teeth, platoon of old evil dwarfs, colony of illiterate FOOL-soldiers and a legion of prepaid ‘nkwandeewa’ journalistic charlatans.

As a result, the NPP, whose followers have cut a noble niche of decency in communication, has always been a punching-bag for media and exceedingly hypocritical Ghanaian society. But the fact still remains that, darkness can never overcome the light, and that, truth, decency and integrity will always triumph over lies, deception and indecency.

Death threats on Supreme Court Judges Now, on the issue of dead threats issued to judges on Montie-FM,I hear the culprits have rendered apologies and shown remorse so people asking the Supreme Court justices against who the threats were made, to please temper justice with mercy. I have also seen an apology letter the station has issued to the justices by the management of the station.

But the point is, such obscene verbal vituperations have been spewed by such delinquent social misfits for over a year now, and the management is now trying to claim they were not aware?

At a point, the owner of the station, Harry Zakour,at Dr. Zenator Rawlings’ campaign program at Klottey-Korle, openly boasted that he set up the station purposely to counter what Mr. Kwame Sefa-Kayi was doing on Peace-Fm. When that proclamation was made, there was not a whimper from a single soul in Ghana condemning it.

Salifu Maase, the host of the afternoon programme on Montie-FM on which those death threats were used to the judges, always boasts of doing what he did, in support of John Mahama. The entire program is dedicated to vilifying Nana Addo and wickedly tarnishing his image, and they had both government and top NDC officials always calling into the program to condone what those boys were doing and plausibly urged them on.

This year’s IEA debate The sitting-president, who is mismanaging our taxes and therefore is morally bound to appear at the ongoing IEA debate and account for his stewardship, has decided to stay away; and the media isn't raising a finger.

The media has largely been compromised, while members of Council of State, the Clergy, social interest groups and prominent members of Ghanaian society have all been cowed into submission by acerbic-tongued NDC miscreants.

However, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo will take his turn at the debate, and the very media will open the floodgates for NDC miscreants, not to critique what he says, but rather, pour verbal venom on him.

Hon Kennedy Ohene-Agyapong has made an allegation against Charlotte Osei, the EC boss; and I believe as citizens, we should rather encourage her to pursue the matter in court, and leave Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo completely out of this just as Koku Anyidoho is insulting Supreme Court Judges but John Mahama has been given the peace of mind to be campaigning and telling 'kweku ananse' stories to hungry and angry Ghanaians.

Indeed, when Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo was convinced he had been cheated in the 2012 presidential elections, and that a clear-cut victory had been wickedly and blatantly snatched from him, he neither put his hands in between his thighs and blamed anybody, nor, did he rely on hypocritic gender activists to issue self-serving statements in his support; he rather pursued the matter in court.

Free Tsatsu movement When charges were duly preferred against Tsatsu Tsikata, successfully prosecuted and fittingly jailed, NDC followers, under the charade of now comatose Kwesi Pratt-led CJA, led a sustained campaign of insults against Justice Loretta Abban,and for months, described her as an "UGLY" woman, whose deliberately-contorted picture was on daily issue of 'The Enquirer’ newspaper.

And at the time, there wasn't a whimper from GBA, Peace Council, the Clergy and all these discredited gender activists. Simply put, DC followers are very good at heaping verbal flatulence so the Ghanaian society is just scared to criticize them.

When those ‘Free Tsatsu Movement’ proponents were on the streets and in the studios of radio stations insulting judges and making spurious proclamations that judgments were actually being for Supreme Court judges, and that, the justices of our apex court didn’t have the minds of their own, we never heard characters like Nana Oye-Litor, Hannah Tetteh, Ghana Bar Association and these self-appointed latter-day moralists.

We were here in this country when the Supreme Court, in its 2012 election petition, ruled that John Mahama had been duly elected, and these very NDC followers jubilated at the time, these NDC people described the Judges of the Supreme Court as having the “LAW IN THEIR BOSOM”, and that, whatever they come up with was “SACROSANCT”.

Sir John and Hopeson Adorye were heavily lambasted by these NDC people, who vociferously yearned for their total incarceration, for daring to express contrary opinions on pronouncements made by some of the judges during the hearing.

At the time, the pronouncements of the judges were incontestable, and with their loud-mouths, these NDC propagandists, illiterate FOOL-soldiers and horde of prepaid journalistic charlatans, were able to whip everybody in-line.

On the other-hand, however, the NPP has become a punch-bag for the Ghanaian public because even those of us who take the trouble to give commensurate response to NDC buffoonery, are always often chastised the ‘saints’ from within.

What is written is written But in all this, we of the NPP will never be discouraged; we shall persevere in the face of these devilish media onslaught against us, focus on the noble task of getting rid of inept John Mahama and his bunch of socioeconomic bandits, to ensure our dear nation is pulled from the brink of total destruction.

Indeed, what is written is written, and by the grace of the Almighty God, NPP will convincingly win the November 7 elections, both parliamentary and presidential, and Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo will surely be sworn-in as president of Ghana on the 7th of January, 2017.

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Columnist: Newton-Offei, Justice Abeeku