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Ghana, Africa risk being more vulnerable to Coronavirus devastation

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Tue, 31 Mar 2020 Source: Rockson Adofo

Cry, my beloved country Ghana, and continental Africa, for being extremely vulnerable to the deadly novel coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic. We are not equipped, let alone, saying, well equipped, to face Covid-19. We are left at the mercy of some developed nations who are themselves struggling with containing the spread of the disease let alone, curing their citizens attacked by the disease. We are finally resigned to fate taking us wherever it wants and counting on the merciful intervention by God Almighty, the healer of all diseases and catastrophes.

This write-up is informed by the ongoing conspiracy theories, prophecy, official pronouncement and the behaviour of Ghanaians and Africans in the wake of the outbreak of the deadly Covid-19 that has sent the whole world panicking to taking serious measures to combat it.

Some conspiracy theories as are circulating on social media are blaming Bill Gate, the second or third richest man in the world, of having an agenda against Africans or humanity.

Yes, he is right to warn that Africans risk suffering lethally from Covid-19 more than any other continent in the world if this conspiracy theory was true. They think he has an agenda to exterminate Africans or use technology to control the whole world to make him richer and more powerful.

What does he need more riches for? What does he need more fame for? Why is he doing philanthropic work with his wealth if he wants to accumulate more wealth for himself?

Telling the truth hurts but in the end it brings comfort. The Ghanaian or the African does not want to be told the truth in their face and say it as it is. They rather prefer being lied to than telling them the truth.

What wrong has Bill Gate done, apart from if indeed he has embarked on a serious agenda as alleged by conspiracy theorists to control the world and to kill Africans, if he warns Africans to be careful or else, we risk suffering from Covid-19 more than any other continent in the world? Are Africans not indeed vulnerable at this stage of the world confronted with Covid-19?

African countries are happily singing hallelujah receiving medical equipment or Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for our hospital doctors, nurses and frontline workers combating the spread of the novel coronavirus, from a Chinese billionaire, Jack Mia. The equipment in the form of protective gear, face masks, gloves, Covid-19 test kits and hand sanitisers are all coming from China, the starting point of the disease.

Are the equipment tested against contamination of the virus when received by the African governments before being distributed for use by our medical doctors, nurses and the frontline staff fighting the disease? Because of our countries being poor by our own corrupt actions, we receive with our arms stretched out and singing praises and thank you to the donors without bothering to carry out the necessary checks to confirm the safety of such donated equipment.

In case the things are contaminated, shall we not end up contracting the virus more than if we had not accepted them? Does our attitude of always accepting and saying thank you without ourselves manufacturing our own basic things not a serious risk that we run? What wrong has Bill Gate done if he warns that Africa risks being more vulnerable and exposed to the contagious deadly Covid-19? The Ghanaian or the African hates whoever tells them the truth to their face.

A Zimbabwean Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa nearly accurately predicted this Covid-19 disease as coming from the sea and from seafood somewhere in November 2016 and repeated it two months or so later. The disease indeed has been acknowledged to have come from a wet market in Wuhan in China where seafood and live animals are sold.

The Chinese Ambassador to Ghana, Mr Wang, has said a few days ago that although the virus started in China, its origin is not China. He is telling Ghana and the world that the virus did not originate from China. I am confused here. How did it then start in China and who took it there and where is the origin of the disease? What does he know that he does not want Ghana and the world to know? Until then, the world must stick to their knowledge of the virus originating from China.

Ghana and Africa in the wake of the virulent disease are still receiving free medical accessories from a billionaire in China. Are we that dumb? Are we that poor and without the least expertise to manufacture things like gloves, hand sanitisers and face or nose masks but to look up to a foreign donor to provide them free to us and from the very country where the disease originated from and is still being combated?

China is such a censored country where its citizens cannot freely speak their mind and the truth without being arrested, imprisoned or killed, I should think. Therefore, I doubt if indeed they have been able to contain the disease as they want the world to understand. Why was the medical doctor who first leaked the information to the world about the existence of Covid-19 in China arrested and later announced to have contracted the disease and died by it?

Ghanaians and Africans, please wise up. Instead of gearing all our efforts, money and intelligence toward finding a cure for the disease that is capable to wipe us off from the face of the earth, our corrupt politicians are there actively doing their nonsensical politicking about winning elections.


Any medicine or medical equipment of the nature of gloves, face masks, hand sanitisers received from any country in this trying period of global devastation by Covid-19 must not be hurriedly put to use but tested for safety and no contamination.

Our Ghanaian and African scientists who rather relish in their higher paper qualifications than their acquired expertise must please start using their expertise instead of permanently resting in their comfort lazy zone of doing practically nothing to benefit society. Ghanaians must stop worshipping their highly paper-qualified brothers and sisters who are not of any benefit to society in general but themselves. They should stop venerating their rich men who do not seek the collective interests of the citizens but themselves.


COVID-19 has come to expose the weakness and unpreparedness of Ghana and Africa to fight their own corner in the face of a deadly disease. Therefore, it is time we readjusted ourselves and thinking to avoid being exterminated from the face of the earth by a deadly disease. Let us industrialize. Let our scientists begin being scientists on the ground with palpable evidence rather than being scientists on paper without the ability to invent or find solutions to problems as it is in the wake of Covid-19.

I hope fellow Ghanaians will understand the points I am trying to put across. Let us face the combat of the disease in unison and with one accord. Let us support the government, abide by the advisory medical directives as are specified by the government to fighting the disease. Let us be innovative and truthfully to ourselves as a people and a nation without trying to make unreasonable gains from the outbreak of the disease.

Columnist: Rockson Adofo
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