Opinions Sat, 25 Oct 2008

Ghana Be Still And Know That I Am God

Peace be unto the Government and People of Ghana.

We write to declare the word of faith, the assurance of peace, stability, security and hope from the Most High God, GHANA BE STILL AND KNOW THAT I AM GOD. This saith the Lord “Ghana beautiful Ghana, the Most High God has delivered you from the works and clutches of your enemies, He has redeemed you from your own weakness, fears and misconduct and has taken you over to establish you as a CROWN of GLORY and A ROYAL DIADEM in His Hands for His Kingdom Glory in Africa and in all the world”.

O Ghana, Beautiful land, the Lord your God will wipe your tears and grant you beauty for ashes. No more shall men call you Forsaken, no more shall your land be called Desolate. Your land has been named Beulah for the Lord delights in you and to Him your land is wedded. Your God shall rejoice over you as a bridegroom rejoices over the bride.

O Beautiful Ghana, small though you are, the Lord your God shall bestow you with His rulership of the world. The LORD GOD Omnipotent reigns in you. I will make my abode in you. Ghana you are light. You shall shine throughout the world. Ghana thou art blessed. Your riches shall spread, gold, diamonds, minerals shall abound in your land. Your trees shall flourish. Choice timber shall signify the beauty of the Great King in your midst. The Lord your God shall replenish the waters of your coast. There will be plenty to eat.

Ghana if you shall forsake this God, I will find men faithful and righteous to continue to stand in the gap for you. Ghana, I have established you as a citadel of the King of Glory. A little king shall arise and rule Ghana. The world shall marvel at the utterance of the little king. Year 2015 shall be a year of great glory. Ghana be still and know that I am God.

The above briefly is the word of the Lord God Most High to the nation and people of Ghana. Upon this word and others of the Most High concerning the nation the servant of God will like to assure the nation that the Lord God JEHOVAH is the defence of Ghana. He will not allow the enemies of God and country, internal and foreign, to have any more foot and voice in affairs of the nation. The worshippers of Satan who do oblation and sacrifices to gods, chanting in forests and places intending to cause confusion, destabilise and set the peace, stability and progress march and hope of the country in disarray shall have no place nor inheritance in Beulah Beautiful Ghana.


In this connection, the Lord God Almighty would have his servant declare and bring to the attention of nation and people, particularly the aspirants to public office, the SPIRIT, CHARACTER TRAITS and CONDUCT required with public office holders and life in Ghana.

According to the Lord God of Hosts, there are seven essential elements of spirit, nature, character traits and conduct required for public office in the country of His Choice, Light, Kingdom and Glory.

The first is PURITY. God requires purity of heart, mind and spirit for service of God, country and people.

The second is COMPASSION. Those desirous of holding office must generate a spirit of compassion says the Lord. Life without compassion is not life. Compassion must come from the depths of the heart.

The third requirement is HONESTY and sincerity. According to the Lord honesty and sincerity put together produce integrity.

The fourth factor is INTEGRITY. The integrity required according to the Lord is not that of men but that after the heart of Him Jehovah. A man without Divine integrity may even wink his eyes over evil. Integrity must come form the heart and soul of man.

The fifth is TRUTH. Thus says the Lord, let the tongues of all who desire to hold office in Beulah KNOW WHAT IS MY TRUTH. The word of truth is built a solid foundation. A man or woman who walks in the corridors of power must be pure and true.

The sixth requirement is HUMILITY. Says the Lord, by humility is the spirit of Jehovah demonstrated. The spirit of humility is needed by man TO STAND WITH GOD, TO GO with God and TO BATTLE with God.

UPRIGHTNESS is the seventh spirit and character trait required for public office. Ghana must look out for people that are upright for building, establishing and running the land Beulah in the knowledge, Kingdom and Glory of God and His Christ.

Finally, according to the LORD MOST HIGH, the HOUR HAS COME for Him to unfold all things written in heaven concerning Beulah (Ghana). It is necessary therefore for people “TO SEEK TO KNOW MY WILL, INTENTIONS and PURPOSES concerning Beulah before they think of holding office” in the land.

May we seize this opportunity to declare as an Apostle-Prophet to Church and nation that the Church in Ghana must seek to disciple, uphold and demonstrate to nation and people the seven elements of spirit, character trait and conduct in the knowledge of God for the praise and glory of God and Christ in the land. The Church must help to equip and encourage parents, educational institutions, the adults folk and elders of the nation to engender and uphold what we will call THE SEVEN TENETS for PUBLIC OFFICE in BEULAH.

Thus says the Lord “I DESIRE THE BEST FOR BEULAH GHANA, be still and know that I am God. Amen!

Columnist: Agbozo, Enoch Immanuel A.