Professor Delle; The Better Man To Lead CPP

Tue, 6 Sep 2011 Source: Bulumiatwum, Nana

By Nana Bulumiatwum


The myriad of problems that have continued to challenge the party in the past and recent times call for a positive and objective thinking to understand what is happening to CPP and what factors are responsible for its present disorganised and confused state. From the long period of bondage from political activities to the return to active political activities in the early nineties, the party has graduated from one class of problem regime to the other. There are more challenges facing the CPP now than it was at the time of tits overthrow on February 24, 1966.

Lack of focus, commitment and party discipline coupled with disregard for the party’s constitution are serious liabilities that pose bigger challenges for the party hierarchy to contain. These negativities transcend to the grass root where the genuine Nkrumaists are even more confused and frustrated with different messages of illusions from voices that are difficult to hear, follow and understand.

Accusations and counter accusations within the rank and file of the party from the lower organs to the national executives coupled with the inability of the center to act decisively to bring the situation under control is a testimony of the systemic weaknesses in the party’s internal control procedures and processes.

Leading members and party functionaries style of leadership make the people think and believe that (i) there is no unity in the party, (ii) there is no party solidarity among powerful leading members and (iii) that indiscipline, and deceit and selfishness are among the most pervasive factors responsible for the misfortunes of the party. At present, the supremacy of the party’s constitution has been compromised for monitory and personal gains. Where is the party education machinery? Can the CPP pride itself of the age long concept of organisation decide everything?

One can infer from events in the party that the negative attitude of some leading members towards the organisation of the party may be likened to neocolonialism imported into the party by those whose hidden agenda is to gradually cripple the CPP to a halt. This behaviour can be described as a betrayal of the trust and solidarity with which the convention was established by veranda boys and girls in 1949 through to 1966. Consequently, disrespect for authority, institutionalisation of liars, suppression of the truth and disregard for the party’s beliefs and principles have become the order of the day.

Another enemy that has tormented the party and tried to redefine the ideology of the party is the fact that decision makers in the party have lost focus of the tenets of socialism which the CPP stands for and which made the party different from other political parties in the country. This is so because policy makers try to copy the leadership and governance styles of other political parties which are at variance with the principles of self determination, social justice and Pan-Africaism of the party. Clearly any ardent follower of the life and works of the founder will be dump founded at the way and manner the affairs of the party are being administered.

Events unfolding in the party presently indicate that for the party to reassert itself in the political history of Ghana it has to revisit its criteria for the selection and election of future executive leaders and other officers at all organs based strictly on the principles of self determination, social justice, Pan Africanism and acceptable personal characteristics expected of office holders.

The party is yawning to have leaders who are socialist to the core, who are ready to serve and not to be served, who are prepared to listen and not to be listened, who are ready to commit self and resources and not to be committed with resources, who are resourceful and not to be resourced and comrades who are seriously schooled in the history and traditions of the party. Electing leaders who are new comers and strangers to the culture and traditions of the party and the masses will worsen the already volatile condition of the party.

Among the few names that have hit the news stands as potential contestants for the position of chairperson of the party the one that stands up tall is Professor Edmund N. Delle who is a tested and practical socialist to the core, committed to the course of the party, disciplined by all classes of human institutions and the constitution of the party and resourceful enough to be financially independent and with a highly respected personality.

Another attribute to the man is his insistence on non-adulterated unity in the party during his term of office and at all times. In fact he was at the cross road of elevating the party to its original glory and position on the political platform when capitalism came with bags of money to steal the conscience of the delegates. But the envelopes of money have deepened CPP problems rather than solve them as crusaded by the ‘almighties’.

It was for his sincere love for the party and great respect for mankind that the party became attractive in 2006 and 2007. During his tenure of office he worked tiredlessly and relentlessly to raise the fortunes of the party which saw six (6) distinguished Nkrumaist vying to become presidential candidates of the party in 2007. The better man to lead the party at this critical moment is therefore, Professor Edmund N. Delle. He is better known in party circles and understands the problems of the party than any of the other aspirants.


Columnist: Bulumiatwum, Nana