Kwasi Pratt Is A Traitor ….. Alien To CPP

Wed, 7 Sep 2011 Source: Gasinu, James

It is very laughable to read such unscrupulous articles coming from indescribable person like Duke Tagoe, writing all kinds of fallacious attributes about an enviable personality like Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom. I will therefore crave the indulgence of Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom not to give prominence to Duke Tagoe because he is nobody. He is just one of the looming youth, whom out of hunger go to CPP traitors like Kwasi Pratt for simple coins to do things against the interest of the CPP, for the benefit of their NDC paymasters. By the way, what locus does an NDC guy have to comment about issues regarding the CPP? I will rather urge him to concentrate on his CJA – NDC to ensure that there is unity in his fragmented party to retain their seat.

Again, some of the same people like Kwasi Pratt who torpedoed the CPP’s 2008 campaign have started playing their antics again by using their puppet to make ugly noises that must not be allowed to gain currency. The question is, what significant contribution has Kwasi Pratt made to fortify the deteriorating fortunes of the CPP? The only thing he has been able to do is to pretend he is so angry with some members of the CPP whose thinking do not fall in line with his to justify his shameful fawn job with the NDC.

It is instructive to note that Kwasi Pratt was one of the enthusiastic supporters of the 1996 sell-out of the PCP/CPP to the NPP an alliance that broke the back of Nkrumahist parties. He supported it because he was a major beneficiary. Kwasi Pratt was named the alliance candidate but unfortunately, he was betrayed and was contested by Sheik I. C. Quaye of NPP who trounced him properly in a parliamentary race. This bitter defeat of the man who had hitherto claimed he could win a parliamentary seat anywhere in the country has not left him. Kwasi Pratt has never lifted a finger or raised a voice to support any CPP Presidential Candidate or the Parliamentary Candidates. So where does he get the voice and the moral right to question the actions and behavior of those who have been toiling to hold the party up? Indeed, many are convinced that all along, he has been campaigning for Prof. Mills and the NDC. So how can he instruct his stooge, Duke Tagoe to write to question the genuineness or commitment of Dr. Nduom? These days, it is becoming clear that it is people like Kwesi Pratt who have destroyed the credibility of the CPP by claiming to be purer Nkrumahists than the leadership – they sit outside, blast every action of the party, do nothing and yet complain when it loses elections.

In my humble opinion, what is more shameful than Kwesi Pratt using the publicity he has gained on the backs of the CPP to run after the NDC and support President Mills when the party he claims to belong to gets one per cent of the total vote cast in a nationwide election. If he is really a member of the CPP, he must support the leadership; join a constituency, get a party card, pay his dues and speak FOR the CPP and NOT the NDC or President Mills. He must support the CPP all the time, or let the whole world know that he is an independent, a member of the NDC or some other party.

Gasinu James Ho Central CPP Ward Chairman James.gasinu1@gmail.com

Columnist: Gasinu, James