Ghana Can Finally Retire Richard Kingston

Wed, 7 Sep 2011 Source: Seidu Moro

By Seidu Moro (Focus Fm-KNUST, Focus Sports- Sports Analyst)

Finally, Ghana can retire Richard Kingston knowing very well that Adam Kwarasey can replace the fantastic goalkeeper number 1 who has consistently kept the goal post for the country over the years. Ghana Black Star made the football nation, Brazil normal yester night by an impressive performance that saw a sinking Brazil side to make a comeback due to the fact that Ghana Black Star’s was reduced to 10 men against the 11 men of the Selecaos. Before the exit of Ghanaian’s left back, Daniel Opare, Goran Stevanovic’s men controlled the tempo of the game by the tiki taki system subjecting Mano Menezes’s men into a consistent pressure in their own half seeing Julio Ceasar more in action. However an attacking foul committed by Opare against International Millan’s Lucio who dramatised in the process gave the referee, Mike Dean the opportunity of no hesitation in showing the Black Star left back the red card after committing series of fouls. It was a very big blow to him, his teammates, funs, supporters and scout of Chelsea and Liverpool but little could they do, rather to cry cacophony. Supporters and funs registered their disapproval to the referee decision by chanting and booing Lucio and the referee.

The complexion of the game changed afterwards with the Samba boys dominating play. The tiki taki system of Black Star under the Captainship of John Painstil now turned into a somewhat counter attack system of play. The immediate system of the Plavi men saw Inkoom moving back to occupy the left back position, Sule Muntari joining the midfield proper and Jordan Ayew playing the lone striker and also augmenting midfield and at times join the defensive system.

Two minutes to the stroke of half time, the stadium fulled to the rafters witnessed a roaring goal ovation. Who was the architect that that saw the back of the net? The International of Brasileiro player, Leandro Damiao is to be credited for this goal, who run past Isaac Vorsah, created a space for himself and directed the ball through the correct angle, what else could Kwarasey do, the ball saw the back of the net and the spectators shouted goal, making it the first international goal for Damiao. The scoreboard now reads Brazil (1) - Ghana (0) sending the Selecaos ahead of the Black Stars by a goal margin.

The second half saw more actions of Adam Kwarasey. His performance won him a lot of admirers, trust, praises, support and the assumption of being the best replacement of the almost retired goalkeeper Richard Kingston. His level of confidence, control, reflexes and consistent denial of the comeback Ronaldinho who lost his national team slot for about 9 months, Pato, Hulk and the likes from scoring won him the aforementioned accolades. Even though Ghana was down by a lone goal but many football pundits and experts believe that Ghana lost gallantly and believe that Ghana matched Brazil boot for boot even with ten men. Mano Menezes himself shares similar views suggested by many football pundits and expert, which he believes the story would have been different if they faced eleven men side throughout the game.

Soccer adept, funs and supporters, believe that Kwarasey is the right replacement for Ghana consistent goalkeeper Richard Kingston ‘’Ole le Kalipo’’. Survey conducted by Focus Sports reveals that 80% of the listeners and the contributers of the Sports programme believe that Adam Kwarasey can replace Ghana No. 1, Richard Kingston due to the massive performance showcased by Kwarasey yesternight. Focus Sports found out that the issue has now turned from a debate to a convincing phenomenon that Kwarasey can keep the post and can be the successor of Richard Kingston.

Focus Sports is still asking, is it too early to name the successor of Kingston? Can we use two matches performance to assess a player? Is it prudent for Ghana to retire Ole Le now and settle on the Norwagean born Ghanaian, Adam Kwarasey? Let the debate and answers continues continue on focus sports facebook page.

Source: Seidu Moro