Ghana Election 2012: No Funding For Science Research - No Vote

Mon, 12 Nov 2012 Source: Arthur, Patrick Kobina

Elections can determine which direction the wind blows. It is that powerful. The expression of the sovereign will of the people. This is why all well meaning Ghanaian must bring their demands and desires to bare as we collectively craft and new and durable vision for our country over the next four years. We can fail this one; all hands must be on the deck this time.

In the 2008 elections, a clear promise was made to alocate 1% of our GDP to fund science and technology. The best this current government over the period of fours was to create a Science, Technology and Innovation Fund and seeded it with only two million Ghana cedis, now that is a funny joke. What can any buy with just 2M GHC? No this is not what serious countries do at all.

Ghana Election 2012: The Second Presidential Debate

My question is:

What measures are the candidates taking to ensure that Science and Tech does not continue to take the back stage in Ghana.

Our development agenda will be futile without a deliberate effort to engage in Research and Development. The type that is taking place in Germany, Japan, UK and the US.

Will the candidates consider the establishment of the "Ghana Grand Challenges Corporation". To organize and fund the Research and Development Agenda of Ghana.

The “Ghana Grand Challenges Corporation”, if considered with the right mindset and by minds consitute an idea that is easier to implement than enduring poverty. Not all the electorates are satisfied with just Free SHS campaign. And that small group of 1-2% of electorates looking for weightier matters to vote on will be crucial in deciding a close election.

The politicians need to understand that a mix bag of policies is the wisest approach for Ghana. Some policies must be immediate, some short-term and others mid to long-term. They should take a position on it like they did on the 1% GDP for research in 2008 that never happened. This time many more people are watching.

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Columnist: Arthur, Patrick Kobina