Ghana Football facing serious problems than Nyantakyi, Afriyie pettiness

Nyantakyi Afriyie Nyantakyi and George Afriyie

Thu, 3 Aug 2017 Source: Nana Kwaku Agyemang

With two years to go to the Congress of the Ghana Football Association and the potential election of a new GFA President the debates, the stories, the allegations are making the rounds as if the election will be held next month! what is striking is the malevolent nature with which this issue is being discussed on so many Whatsapp platforms as well as on social media platforms on the world wide web.

I can’t help but notice the issue of a private SMS that was sent to the President of the GFA by the Vice President of the GFA.

If I say so myself and I do; for me it wasn’t so much about what the text contained but the fact that the text found its way into the public domain because after all, it was a private message between two individuals.

No one knows what prompted such a message but one thing is for sure it was a reaction to something! Having said that it's none of my business unless either party wishes to share the issue with me which I am sure they wont!

However, the serialization of this SMS message in itself across all social media platforms can not help in bringing a struggling football regime forward so that it may as a body address the numerous challenges that have faced it for many years and still continue to face it now.

It can only serve to further create conflict, division and assist in the GFA losing focus on the real issues by focusing on an issue that can not help them as an Association to address real and serious issues within our football fraternity.

Indeed the whole fiasco promotes further division amongst an already fragmented sports media too, with 90% taking sides; as if this was not bad already! It corrupts the narrative and the general public are consistently misled and as they are fed in many instances innocuously concocted stories of hate against one assumed Presidential candidate or another.

The civility is lost and hostility is harnessed on many occasions because of the healthy inducements given and or promised and as a sports media fraternity there is no longevity of media practice on that basis for anyone.

We can all deny that this is so but it has been going on for such a long time and is as much an endemic as National Team Coaches accepting gifts for National Team call-ups!

Lets face the facts; Like so many others I have read the SMS and I have heard the narrative surrounding its genesis but not from the person it has been claimed that sent it but from other members of the GFA who have been circulating the SMS as if it was the nude video of Rashid Black Beauty!

This can not be healthy for the development and growth of the Ghana Football Association if its own rank and file members and Executive Committee members are participating in such further undermining the credibility of the GFA with such an unprincipled practice and unbeknown to them to their own detriment too!

And even though; it is being fed by a GFA fraternity the fingers are pointing in the other direction accusing the author of the SMS in a bid to deflect from the possibility of a discerning public establishing who is really behind such frivolous circulation.

There are too many issues to be addressed within the tenure of the current President of the Ghana Football Association and we need to push and assist them where possible to get these issues addressed instead of fueling a fire that we may not even live long enough to witness.

The Ghana Premier League still has no sponsor and what is currently being fed to the clubs from Star Times is grossly inadequate.

GNPC have finally pulled out of sponsoring the Ghana Black Stars

The rumours about Puma and what the true nature of the sponsorship of the Senior National Team and all the other National teams entail

Lack of infrastructure remains a major handicap and it continues to stunt the growth of football in Ghana at every level.

Poor attendance at Ghana Premier League fixtures without any plausible analysis or prognosis.

The inconsistent nature of the Ghana Premier League continues years after the same league was synchronized with that of the Premier League in the United Kingdom.

The slow progress of the Club Licensing system that has been ongoing for almost 5 years and to date we still do not have even five clubs that fully comply with this standard regulatory procedure.

The poor performance of Ghanaian Match Officials and the consistent allegations against them of accepting inducements to influence Ghana Premier League Matches.

The state of affairs of the Disciplinary Committee and its slow nature in adjudicating punctually enough, allowing in particular the Ghana Premier League and Division 1 to conclude with disciplinary cases outstanding that more often than not affect the outcome of the League

National Team Coaches are still working without salaries and allowances

The ever deteriorating and dilapidated condition of the Accra Sports Stadium; which can be the home of at least 3/4 Premier League clubs depending on the fixture.

And so much more issues that the GFA leadership and the sporting media need to focus their attention on instead of what is trending now

Let me tell you this; and trust me this is true so take it or leave it. When the two parties were enjoying themselves from 2005 up until now where were you? As they flew from country to country in Business Class were you there?

As they sipped the proverbial Champagne and chopped Caviar what were you eating? As they enjoyed themselves in some of the most exquisite hotel suites around the world where were you? The fact is you were not there and what ever enjoyment thy had between them was not the subject of intense gossip as this personal disagreement is now!

My advice to you all is leave the two of them to sort out their own differences by themselves. It has nothing to do with us much in the same way that when they were enjoying we were not party and did not even think engrossing ourselves in the details of such enjoyment; whilst on duty!

I’m even shocked that it has been reported that some Parliamentarians could consider the need to address these two grown men on their differences whilst they struggle to fluently vocally address issues on the various political TV platforms and or carry out their own mandate.

We are free to support who ever we wish to support for the Presidency of the Ghana Football Association but lets not give them the opportunity not to focus on why they have all been elected to serve Ghana as administrators of the passion of the nation.

They have work to do as a GFA Council, as Regional Football Associations and as GFA Executives so lets keep reminding them of the tasks they have at hand because to date our football remains on a very steep decline and our persistence in pursuing such a fruitless agenda only serves to place Ghana football in more vulnerable position than it is now.

Source: Nana Kwaku Agyemang
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